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ADMB adopts emergency rules

Written by Saige
During two conference calls held in the first two weeks of October, the Animal Damage Management Board (ADMB) adopted emergency regulations for the granting of wolf management program funds.
    The rules apply to all predator management districts in Wyoming, regardless of whether they receive funding from the Wyoming Department of Agriculture and do not preclude the districts from performing wolf management work.
    “Whenever we receive a call, whether the county receives AMDB funds or not, the rules are the same,” commented USDA APHIS Wildlife Services Wyoming State Director Rod Krischke.
    After being initially passed by the ADMB on Oct. 3, the rules were revised during an Oct. 10 meeting to allow for any organization approved by the Wyoming Department of Agriculture, including Wildlife Services, to contract for wolf work.
    The ADMB also removed funding numbers, leaving the rules open for increases or decreases in available monies.
    After emergency rules are adopted, the ADMB will pursue the regular rule making process, which includes public comment.
    “We have 120 days to formulate regular rules, and we can ask for a 120 day extension,” explained Wyoming Department of Agriculture Predator Management Coordinator Kent Drake. “Over that time period, we will have completed the rule-making process and have regular rules for wolf management program funds in place.”