Hereford bulls draw excellent quality to 2018’s Midland Bull Test

Written by Saige

Twenty bulls from eight consignors represented the Hereford breed at Midland Bull Test in lots 970 through 990. Slated to sell on April 5 in Columbus, Mont., the bulls performed well, offering top scores for average daily gain (ADG) and weight per day of age (WDA). 

The top performing bulls are listed below. 

ADG leaders

Lot 986 from Next Generation Genetics in Endeavor, Wisc. brought the highest ADG, with a final ADG of 3.44 and ADG ratio of 125. The son of Ups Sensation 2296 ET also has a WDA of 2.89 and EPDs of BW 4.2, WW 66, YW 105, M 23, RFI -0.49, Eff 109 and MBT 111. 

Next, a Borkdale Angus consignment from Grand Marsh, Wisc. had a final ADG of 3.39 and ADG ratio of 123. Lot 994 also had a WDA of 2.65 and EPDs of BW 4.1, WW 67, YW 99, M 24, RFI 0.97, Eff 105 and MBT 107. 

In third place, lot 972, a McMurray Cattle consignment from Billings, Mont., was a son of H Victor 0136 and had a final ADG of 3.06. The son of H Victor 0136 and has EPDs of BW 3.4, WW 58, YW 95, M24, RFI -0.66, Eff 105 and MBT 101.

Next Generation Genetics of Endeavor, Wisc. also consigned the fourth-placing lot 983, with a final ADG of 2.95 and ADG ratio of 107. A son of SHF York 19H 200Z, he also had a WDA of 2.62 and EPDs of BW 2.5, WW 59, YW 87, M 17, RFI 0.15, Eff 98 and MBT 100. 

Finally, Glade Haven Herefords of Penn Yan, N.Y. consigned lot 981, the fifth-high ADG leader. With a final ADG of 2.88 and ADG ratio of 105, he also showed a WDA of 2.76, as well as EPDs of BW 1.7, WW 64, YW 101, M 30, RFI 0.99, Eff 100 and MBT 100. The lot was sired by Churchill Red Bull 200Z. 

WDA leaders

Lot 975 posted the high WDA for the Herefords, with a WDA of 3.05. Sired by Wlb Winchester Powerball 27A, he also had a final ADG of 2.66 and ADG ratio of 97, as well as EPDs of BW 3.7, WW 59, YW 96, M 24, RFI 0.18, Eff 97 and MBT 102. 

Next, Glade Haven Hereford’s lot 982 from Penn Yan, N.Y. has a WDA of 2.97, as well as a final ADG of 2.84 and ADG ratio of 103. The son of R Leader 6964 has EPDs of BW 0.7, WW 61, YW 98, M 29, RFI -0.04, Eff 102 and MBT 106. 

The third-high WDA Hereford bull was lot 986, a consignment from New Generation Genetics in Endeavor, Wisc. with a WDA of 2.89. His final ADG is 3.44, and the Ups Sensation 2296 ET son has an ADG ratio of 125. His EPDs include BW 4.2, WW 66, YW 105, M 23, RFI -0.49, Eff 109 and MBT 111.

Lot 973 was next, with a WDA of 2.84, a final ADG 2.71 and ADG ratio of 98. Sired by GHC Breakthrough 10B, he has EPDs of BW 3.5, WW 61, YW 97, M 17, RFI 0.53, Eff 94 and MBT 98. 

Rounding out the top Herefords was lot 974, a consignment from Emmanuel Polled Herefords in Moses Lake, Wash., with a WDA of 2.82. He also has a final ADG of 2.68, ADG ratio of 97 and EPDs of BW 4.9, WW 59, YW 101, M 29, RFI -0.11, Eff 106 and MBT 102. 

The Hereford bulls can be found on pages 120-122 of the Midland Bull Test Catalog. View complete test results at

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