Indian Prayer of Thanks for Thanksgiving

Written by Dick Perue

In observance of Thanksgiving, we offer the following loose interpretation of an old Indian prayer of thanks:

We thank the Great Spirit that we are here to praise Him.

We thank Him that He has created men and women and ordered that these beings shall always be living to multiply the earth.

We thank Him for making the earth and giving these beings its bounty to live on.

We thank God for the water that comes out of the sky and earth and runs over our lands.

We thank Him for all the animals on the earth.

We thank Him for the vines and trees that give us fruits, shade and shelter.

We thank God for the light of the sun which works for our good.

We thank Him for all the products that sustain healthy bodies.

We give thanks for our harvests and to all those who help pluck.

We thank God for the darkness that gives us rest.

We thank Him for the bright spots in the skies that give us signs, the stars.

We thank God for His goodness in making us healthy, content, happy and prosperous.

We give thanks for the persons who can sing the Great Spirit’s music and pray they will be privileged to continue in His faith.

We thank God that we have the privilege to gather with family and friends for gracious, peaceful and pleasant occasions.

We give thanks that the voice of the Great Spirit can still be heard through the pages of the Bible, the words of our preachers and the prayers of all people.

Most of all we ask God to give each and every one a most bountiful, healthy and happy Thanksgiving.