Healing Waters

Written by Dick Perue
According to an article in the July 24, 1912, issue of the Laramie Republican, a women greatly benefited from her first bath in the mineral hot springs in Saratoga.
    The news item noted, “[A Laramie man] returned this morning from Saratoga, where he took his wife a few day ago for treatment for a severe attack of rheumatism.
    “Mrs. [name omitted] was suffering so that her screams, when attacked with one of the spasms of pain, could be heard for two blocks and was helped by the first bath. She will remain for a longer visit, taking the baths at stated intervals, and [her husband] expects her to be entirely cured when she returns home.”
    The article prompted The Saratoga Sun to editorialize in its Aug. 1, 1912 edition that, “The above clipping shows one instance only of the great benefits to be derived from bathing in the hot waters of the thermal springs here.
    “While there is occasional mention made of someone being cured of rheumatism by the waters here, there are hundreds of cures that never reach the public print.
    “It is really a calamity to this community and the southern part of this state that the springs here have no good accommodations for bathers, but are permitted to stump along with a small bathhouse. A large hotel would be filled with bathers every month in the year if they could be accommodated, but under the present circumstances patients are driven to other and less efficacious bathing resorts.”