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Postcards from the Past: That Valentine of Memory

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Compiled by Dick Perue

Through memory’s deepening mist I gaze upon a scene of other days – a country schoolroom, sitting there a blue-eyed girl with flaxen hair, and back of her, with love aflame, I sat and lisped her loving name. 

Into her hand a valentine I slipped – a gem surpassing fine. ’Twas one I made, a crude affair, with rosy hearts stuck here and there.’

Twas mud compared to those of now, but love oozed from it anyhow and in it was inscribed a bit of verse, the sweetest ever writ, “If you love me as I love you, no knife can cut our love in two.”

I married her, of course, you say? Oh no, she picked another jay. Now when I see her with her brood, in petulant maternal mood, no longer pert but fat and plain, I’m glad he hacked our love in twain. – Harlan Babcock in Chicago Journal

A “sweet” poem ripped from the pages of The Encampment Echo, dated Feb. 12, 1920. On the same page of the weekly newspaper was the following illustration and message.

This little rhyme to you, sweetheart, I send because I love you.

May all the world be fair today and bright the sky above you.

And may you find, where’re you go, a loving face to meet you,

a gentle hand to lead you on and tender words to greet you.

If you love me, as I love you, my deary, oh, my deary,

no knife can cut our love in two, no sorrow make us weary.

And hand in hand we two, sweethearts, will journey on together,

let skies be gray or skies be blue, no care about the weather.

And so accept this valentine, with all good wishes laden.

The rose is red, the violet blue, oh, winsome little maiden.

But redder far than roses are your dimpled cheeks all glowing,

and blue your eyes as May-time skies, when violets are growing.

If, happily, sometimes we must part, may holy angels guide you.

And point the way for you, sweetheart, and journey on beside you.

I seal my message with a kiss, and heaven, far above you,

hears not a song more true than this – I love you, love you, love you.

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