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Total Package Seedstock: Triple T Land and Livestock raises affordable Angus bulls excelling across all traits

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Over 130 years ago, in 1891 – only a year after Weston County was officially founded – David Tysdal’s ancestors homesteaded on the prairies of northeast Wyoming. 

Today, David and his wife Mandy are the seventh generation on the ranch, now known as Triple T Land and Livestock, alongside their son Davin – the eighth generation – and have dedicated their lives to continuing the family’s cattle ranching legacy. 

Filling a need for affordable, quality bulls 

At Triple T Land and Livestock, the Tysdal family raises a herd of commercial cattle, as well as their own seedstock genetics. 

David notes his seedstock operation was started after he saw a need for affordable, total-package bulls to use in his commercial herd. 

“I couldn’t find or afford the bulls I needed for the commercial side of things, so I thought we could fill the need. I think a lot of other operations have the same need as well,” he says. 

The Tysdals produce high-quality bulls through a 100-percent artificial insemination (AI) program and some embryo transfer.

“When I went to college, I completed AI school and started AI’ing our cows,” David shares. “In 2010, we started AI’ing all of our heifers, and we continued to build from there until we got a 100-percent complete AI program.” 

“Now, we have three donor cows, and we are doing some embryo work to continue to try to build the quality of our bulls,” he adds. 

Offering total-package seedstock

David notes bulls at Triple T Land and Livestock are raised to excel across all traits.

“There is a lot of talk in the industry a producer has to decide whether they want to go with maternal traits or performance traits, but I don’t believe they have to pick one or the other,” David says. “I believe they can have both, and this is what we are concentrating on – bulls with both a high maternal value ($M) and high combined value index ($C).”

The Tysdal’s seedstock program requirements include good disposition, sound feet and legs and high fertility, paired with solid performance and carcass traits. 

“Those genetics might cost more, but I feel like it is our job as a seedstock producer to put them in a package ranchers can afford,” says David. “This is what we focus on with our AI and embryo program.” 

Triple T Land and Livestock will offer these total-package genetics at their annual production sale on April 10 at 1 p.m. at Buffalo Livestock Marketing in Buffalo. The sale will offer 40 bulls and 50 replacement heifers. 

Marketing premium Angus beef

In addition to selling total-package Angus bulls, Triple T Land and Livestock also markets high-quality, home-raised beef direct to consumer. 

According to their website, beef is finished for 140 to 160 days on a ration of corn and hay and then dry aged for superior flavor. 

Although the family’s primary market is grain-finished beef, they also have grass-fed options available. 

Triple T Premium Angus Beef can be purchased at the Weston County Farmers’ Market or by visiting the operation’s website and is sold as individually-packaged cuts or as quarters, halves or whole beef. 

“Our beef is all home raised and backed by generations of high-quality carcass genetics,” reads Triple T Land and Livestock’s website. “We use the top sires in the nation, with a focus on tenderness and marbling traits.” 

For more information on Triple T Land and Livestock, visit or check them out on Facebook @TTTLandandLivestock, Instagram @tripletlandandlivestock or YouTube and Twitter @TripleTLivestock.

Hannah Bugas is the managing editor of the Wyoming Livestock Roundup. Send comments on this article to

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