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Made with Love: Townsend creates unique products from local produce

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Berried Delights, located at the foot of the Black Hills in Newcastle, is a small, woman-owned business producing jams, jellies, fruit butter and syrups the way grandma used to – one batch at a time, with lots of love and care added in. 

The only difference between grandma’s batches and Berried Delights’ is they are created in a certified kitchen, labeled and sent around the country.

The Black Hills of Wyoming and South Dakota provide ample opportunity for berry picking and offer delicious fruit for local-made products, including wild plums, chokecherries and raspberries, which are plentiful during summer months and early fall. 

Family operation built from passion

What started as a small hobby for Berried Delights Owner and Operator Elizabeth “Liz” Townsend, quickly turned into a full-time passion, and in the fall of 1998, she officially opened her doors for business. 

“What began as a way to preserve an abundance of concord grapes has grown steadily into a business keeping the Townsend family busy,” Liz states.

“I have been creating delicious products since my oldest daughter was six months old, and today, both of my daughters are learning the family business from the ground up, helping with the fruit gathering, jar washing, cooking and processing of the products, as well as selling the products at craft fairs,” she adds.

Now, Liz’s granddaughters have joined the family business and do an excellent job supervising. Liz notes they are her certified taste testers, sampling new flavors for quality and taste.

“My biggest challenge is always being able to source the ingredients at a good price so I can continue to keep my prices down,” she emphasizes. “I am very grateful to my family, friends and customers for their continued support, as well as all of the people who offer up fruit from their trees and produce from their gardens so I can make my products just like grandma did.”

Unique products made with love

Liz shares she and her family can be found picking wild plums, apples, buffalo berries and chokecherries each fall to make their unique jams and jellies, which are made with zero artificial preservatives or colors but plenty of love.

“Berried Delights now offers over 40 different flavors or flavor combinations of jams, jellies, fruit butters, marmalades and fruit syrups, which can be purchased at local craft fairs, farmers’ markets or online for those who cannot get out and attend,” Liz explains. 

“Customers can follow us on our Berried Delights Facebook page and find out where we will be offering great deals on our sweet and savory products,” she adds. 

It is always good to know what flavor trends are popular, and Liz is continually experimenting with new flavors. 

Liz points out as Berried Delights’ consumer base grows, so does their interest in her tasty creations, and she is always open to suggestions and critiques. 

“The end result of one of our tastings has now become one of our hottest sellers – raspberry jalapeño jam,” she shares. 

Liz expresses, “My specialty products can be found across Wyoming and South Dakota and in several local stores. I absolutely love creating Berried Delights products.” 

For more information on Berried Delights or to view an entire list of flavors and products, visit

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