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Postcards from the past

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

By Dick Perue

Campus Arabs are guests of cowboy Shebas at Annual Leap Year Dance given by co-eds

A headline in the Dec. 16, 1924 issue of The Branding Iron invited all University of Wyoming students to a Leap Year party. Excerpts from the front page article follow:

Going as guests of their ladies to the Leap Year Dance, at their expense of the same, was a novel experience for even the most sophisticated of us. At about half past eight, co-eds were going up to frat houses and ringing the bells. Here, they were shown into the parlor and permitted to wait for 15 minutes to half an hour.

Arriving at the dance, we were surprised to find no confusion for nearly all programs had been made out in advance. The punch was enjoyed by all and was the most popular attraction. It barely lasted three dances.

Needless to say, the dance was a success from all standpoints, and as one college man remarked, “I wish they would have one of these things about once a month, and a Leap Year Picture show every week.” 

We are not so extreme in our views, but we did enjoy the novelty of the affair.

Accompanying the article was a column called:

Rough-Riding Sal described Leap Year Roundup

Dear Kate, Friday night we had a blowout – the Leap Year Roundup. Here was my first chance to get a date – it was a cinch, because the men were supposed to take the first girl who asked ‘em. 

Knowin’ there is some pretty good livestock runnin’ around loose over the campus, I set out to corral me a high-powered cowpuncher. Well, the first one I asked said “All right,” and I didn’t have no six-gun along neither. 

I allowed it’s a pretty good idea to put my brand on him, so I sent him some posies, knowin’ he’ll have to wear one to show he’s got some manners and knows how to act in society. When I went after him, he had one of my carnations stuck to his jacket – I always like to see a brand on the shoulder. 

I was considerable relieved in my mind, because a maverick is pretty hard to keep track of, and this place has got some rustlers. Well, I managed to get my cowpuncher to the stampin’ ground without much trouble, considerin’ the fact he ain’t bridlewise and is locoed besides.

Pretty soon after we got there, the bunch begins millin’ around and nobody to ride herd on ‘em but Dean Sanford and Dr. and Mrs. Knight. They only stampeded once though, and it was because they all wanted a drink at once. 

When they were through inhalin’ several gallons of punch, they began to mill around peaceful again, to the soothin’ strains of the Sure Are Entertainin’ Orchestry. About midnight, it was time to move camp, and the herd settled down for the night, all agreein’ the Roundup was a huge success. 

Yours till the cactus loses its stickers. – Rough-Ridin’ Sal

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