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A Wyoming Newspaper’s New Year’s Issue

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

by Dick Perue

A front page article in the Jan. 1, 1924 issue of a Laramie newspaper proclaims:

The Republican-Boomerang is very proud of its issue today, the first one for the year 1924. This big New Year’s issue has gotten out at this time, because it was felt conditions warranted it. 

Never before in all its long and eventful history have things looked as good for the future welfare and prosperity of Laramie and its surrounding territory as they do right now. This is not only the opinion of this newspaper, but likewise of the men and women of this town who have been here longest and are most familiar with local conditions. 

This paper is an attempt to chronicle some of the things that will contribute to make 1924 a record year, and if you read it thoroughly and carefully, we think you will agree never was an outlook brighter.

Following are excerpts from an editorial in the issue:

A Happy New Year!

The Republican-Boomerang wishes all of its readers a Happy New Year. May 1924 bring to each and every one of you a large measure of health and prosperity.

The feeling is everywhere apparent that never before in the history of Laramie and Albany County were conditions more favorable for advancement all along the line. 

Perhaps it was the proving of the Rex Dome Oil Field which served to emphasize this fact, but it should at once be stated this field, and the older one at Rock River, are only one element in the prosperity coming upon this region.

On all sides, and in every direction, are the indications of the dawn of a new era in our history. 

Not alone is the wealth in oil, platinum and other minerals; in agriculture and stock raising; in manufacturing and the growth of the railroads; in timber culture and the utilization of the products of the forest, going to contribute to this fortunate outcome, but also such things as the scenic beauties and wonders which lie at our doors to such a great extent and variety, but which up to this time have not had sufficient advertising and exploitation; the capitalization of our marvelous summer climate; the great growth of the university – all of these things seem just at this time to have presented themselves in such a way as to make our future surer than ever before.

All that is now needed is faith in ourselves and our destiny and an united and determined purpose to make this part of Wyoming one of the best known and one of the most prosperous and desirable regions in which to live. 

To help to bring about this desired end, this paper pledges itself with all of the forces and resources it can command. Everything that will help to promote the welfare of Laramie and Albany County in any way shall have all the influence and assistance we can possibly bring to bear upon it.

May 1924 be a year of big things for all of us in every way.

The newspaper, which can be viewed at, was crammed full of articles, photos and advertisements touting the items mentioned in the editorial.

To paraphrase an advertisement in the paper, I wish you thus:

Cold type and warm sunshine

In expressing to our readers and friends the hope this may be the happiest holiday season you have ever enjoyed, I am compelled to use cold type because there is no other way to reach all. 

But, I wish I might walk up to each and every one of you, take your hand, look you in the eye and say right to your face, “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” – Dick Perue

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