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Postcards from the past

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

by Dick Perue

1918 – Armistice Day – 1925

November 11th

Thus reads the headline in a full page advertisement in the Nov. 6, 1925 issue of The Sheridan Journal, proceeded by the following proclamation:

It is the Day of the Gold Star Legion – those valiant boys who helped to strike the final blow – so we might pursue our lives in peace, happiness and prosperity. They gave the last full measure of devotion – for us.

In clustered graves on the hillside of Suresnes in Flanders fields in Arlington – in every American city and hamlet – they sleep – out where all is silent. But, their valiant spirits live on in unseen presence.

We who remain are under eternal bonds of fidelity to our fallen heroes. They have made the supreme sacrifice to an ideal. We must reconsecrate ourselves to this same ideal.

Let us reaffirm our loyalty to the flag whose bright colors still wave gloriously because of our heroes’ unselfishness and valor. We must brighten the lives of our disabled Veterans, the living heroes whose skies were darkened in tragic moments. 

We can honor our dead by serving our living – an investment in service which pays dividends no money can bring.

On Armistice Day of 1925 let us bare our heads in reverent memory. Let us rededicate ourselves to the service of God, country and comrades. Thus, can we observe the day in its true spirit.

Below this inspirational message were the signatures of 24 patriotic persons.

As a veteran myself in the U.S. Air Force and Wyoming Air National Guard from 1959-65, after reading this message, my heart swelled with pride and I pray all our Veterans will be honored by it. – Dick Perue

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