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Wyoming Wool Growers Association president welcomes producers to ram sale

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Hello sheep folks,

On behalf of the Wyoming Wool Growers Association, our board of directors and all the members of the association, we’d like to invite all of you to the 95th edition of the Wyoming State Ram Sale.

It will be, as always, a collection of some of the most premier genetics in our nation and a real chance for producers, be it small flock or large commercial operations, to move the quality of their ewe base up a notch or protect the hard work they’ve done – sometimes over generations – to build some of the best sheep herds in the land.

On the black face side, there will be a selection of rams that will produce those good, thick, sought after crossbred lambs that will shine both in a feedlot and on the rail and add some extra coin to a producer’s bottom line.

Wow! 95 years. This is truly a great feat, especially when considering all this industry has been through over that time.  From huge reductions in sheep numbers, to the loss of the Wool Incentive, to the loss of some predator control methods, to huge market swings we deal with consistently, to government policies seemig to always place our concerns on a back burner, this industry and this sale remain resilient.

It’s because of you.  Nothing else. Your perseverance, hard work and love of the sheep business, like generations before you, have maintained this industry and kept it strong.

This being said, we sure hope to see all of you at the state ram sale.  Whether you’re buyers, sellers or just somebody looking the rams over to consider a future direction, we look forward to seeing you and “talking sheep.”

As I write this (in July) the lamb market looks good and there have been some good sales on fall lambs already.  There’s a lot of optimism, and I wish all of you the best of luck on your lamb marketing.

See you at the sale!

Mike Curuchet

Wyoming Wool Growers Association President

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