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Postcard from the Past : Wyoming’s Climate is Changing

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

by Dick Perue

Old timers in Wyoming will no doubt have remarked about the difference in Wyoming’s climate during the past 10 or 15 years.

Formerly, it was not supposed for a moment flowers such as geraniums, fuchsias, roses, etc. could be grown out of doors in this climate. All such bloomers were kept indoors in pots and carefully watched and sheltered from the cold. 

But, one can go along the streets now and note all kinds of flowers blooming in the open air in great abundance and luxuriance. Ten years ago, a rose bush in the yard which put forth one fragrant flower was a wonder.

The editor of this paper was recently shown one of the most beautiful roses grown by a resident of this town, which he said came from a bush that had been blooming since July and was still producing an abundance of its fragrant fruit.

It has grown to be a very common thing now to see flowers blooming luxuriantly in every yard where the inhabitants are inclined to plant and water the seeds until they reach maturity.

There are many residences in Saratoga that are yearly made very beautiful and attractive by well-kept lawns and outdoor flower beds which would do credit to localities in such states as Iowa, Illinois and their sister states.

Surely the climate of Wyoming must be changing, or the early settlers were woefully ignorant of its possibilities.

Thus reads an editorial in the Aug. 17, 1911 issue of The Saratoga Sun.

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