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Postcard from the Past: Today is Father’s Day

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Father also has a day
set aside for him

Don’t forget dad – let this Father’s Day be your day of showing
appreciation for him

Thus proclaims the headline and subheads in the June 15, 1930 issue of The Cheyenne Citizen, followed by the accompanying column:

Roughened hands, a stooped, toil-worn figure, rundown heels and a shabby coat with frayed cuffs, days in the heating sun or the blighting cold, long hours of overtime when the irresponsible might gather and make merry – all of these things and more must have been in the mind of the founder of Father’s Day.

Daily, these unsung heroes by the thousands – too often poorly fed and poorly clad – leave for the offices, banks, stores, mines and factories of this country to return in the evening to homes, often cheerless and ill-kept.

But finally, someone with vision saw with appreciation the things our fathers have been doing. And so, the second Sunday in June was set aside as a day to honor fathers for all they have sacrificed for mothers and their children.

It is characteristic of the sentiment long given credence in America Mother’s Day was established before it occurred to anyone fathers must have their day too.

But, as time goes on, Father’s Day is observed more and more, and finally it will take its place in the calendar where it should.

Fathers will be honored and acclaimed on the second Sunday in June, while mothers will be recognized on the second Sunday in May.

Another article in the June 15, 1926 Wyoming Reporter reads:

Father’s Day 

The third national observance of Father’s Day will occur throughout the U.S. today. 

Come to think of it, fathers need a special day to let this hectic world of ours know they are still an “honored institution,” entitled to their share of love, reverence and filial obedience, for the old time conception of fathers has become terrible dimmed to say the least in this rapid day of an age which seems to have gone pleasure mad as it wallows around in the maelstrom of the Great War’s inevitable reactions. 

Yes, undoubtedly a father’s status has undergone a great change as compared to what it was in the past.

Dandelion is flower 

The dandelion is the national Father’s Day flower. It was chosen first by the Martin Callener Bible Class of Williamsburg, Pa. The thought prompting the choice was the dandelion always springs up again, bright when stepped on.

Judging by the interest shown last year, Father’s Day will be celebrated most extensively this year. It is at home where dad is made happiest on his day. 

Last year, it was just like Christmas to him, with showers of neckties and other gifts, so for those who are one of the fortunate and have a father living, give him a tie or some other little gift and wear a flower in his honor, to let him know of your love and esteem for him. – Wheeling Register of West Virginia.

Have a Happy Father’s Day!

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