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Hog Raising Profitable

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

By Dick Perue

“Hog raising profitable” is a headline in the March 9, 1908 issue of The Saratoga Sun. The following article goes on to support this statement.

G. H. Barkhurst, who owns fine ranch property on Brush Creek, was down recently to deliver some dressed pork to Saratoga parties. While here, Barkhurst gave the Sun some very interesting facts concerning pork raising in Wyoming. 

Among other things, he said, “I do not know of very many kinds of business that beats raising hogs for market on a Wyoming ranch. I brought in some dressed pigs weighing 120 pounds each, and they were just exactly five months old.”

“They had not cost me one cent for their feed, for they had lived on alfalfa until I began to fatten them. I fed them on milk and ground barley, which I had raised myself on the ranch, and I believe for five-month-old pigs, they were fine,” he added. “I received 10 cents a pound for the meat.”

“All one needs is to have plenty of alfalfa for them to run to while they are young and then feed them milk, ground barley and alfalfa, and they will grow their heads off in no time,” Barkhurst continued.

As to the quality of this meat, the writer never tasted better or sweeter meat than the pork made from the pigs referred to above. One could take a sharp knife and cut through the ribs without much effort. 

When it is considered how free hogs are from disease in Wyoming and how easily they are fattened for market, the only wonder is why more people do not engage in the business. When a five-month-old pig will bring $12, there is certainly good money in the business.

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