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Logan receives honor

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Dr. Jim Logan might have retired from his role as the Wyoming state veterinarian a few years ago, but he continues to provide guidance and expertise to the American sheep industry.

In recognition of those efforts, he was one of two people honored with the Peter Orwick Camptender Award during the American Sheep Industry Association (ASI) Annual Convention on Jan. 20 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Logan was joined on stage by fellow Veterinarian Cindy Wolf of Minnesota, who was also a recipient of the award. 

The two have co-chaired ASI’s Animal Health Committee for nearly 30 years. This dynamic duo of animal health has guided the industry through a variety of disease-related issues, including efforts to help the U.S. reach scrapie-free status.

“I want to thank my wife and family,” said Logan, while accepting the award. “I also want to thank the many presidents of ASI who appointed Cindy and I. Thank you for appointing us and giving us the opportunity.”

“I also want to thank our committee members over the years because we didn’t do this by ourselves. The work accomplished was a group effort. There just aren’t any better quality people than what we have right here at ASI, from the leadership to the staff, the committee members and the members of the organization. So, thank you for the opportunities you’ve given us. It’s been a real privilege,” Logan added.

A lifelong sheep producer, Logan dispersed his flock in 2012 to free up time to concentrate on his veterinarian duties. But, sheep remained an important part of his professional duties. Logan and Wolf provided the American sheep industry with a perfect blend of skills in leading the charge on animal health issues. 

“I had the regulatory experience, where she was coming in with the education and teaching experience,” Logan said when first notified of the award. “We just always seemed to work well together.”

The American sheep industry has no doubt benefitted from their partnership.

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