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Lazy JB Angus named 2023 Angus Herdsman of the Year

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Jeff and Kathi Creamer of Lazy JB Angus in Montrose, Colo. recently received prestigious acknowledgement for nearly 40 years of hard work. Their cumulative management experience, industry knowledge and dedication to the Angus breed earned them recognition as the 2023 Angus Herdsmen of the Year.

Since 1984, the Creamers have assisted Kathi’s family operation, Lazy JB Angus, which they now own and operate after taking over the reins in 1999. 

The couple, alongside their adult children, manage over 300 registered Angus cows, with roles including everything from breeding, feeding, marketing, daily show cattle care, secretarial work, irrigation, harvesting hay and anything else needing to be done on the ranch.

Receiving the award

“This award had been a lifelong goal for us as a couple,” Kathi said. “For years we have watched many talented cattlemen and women come before us to receive this award and to be named amongst those individuals and couples is truly icing on the cake for our Angus story.”

The Herdsman of the Year Award recognizes breeders who dedicate their time and talent to bettering the Angus breed. 

Selected by their peers through a nomination committee and voting process, Kathi said this award makes her thankful for all the people involved.

“To know our peers, both young and old, found us worthy of this prestigious award is something we will be forever grateful for,” Kathi said.

“To those who have stood in our corner, we are so thankful for you. To those we have yet to cross paths, we are excited to meet you, and to all who cast their vote for us, we hope we can continue to be role-model herdsmen for generations to come. We appreciate your support,” she added.

At Cattlemen’s Congress, held in Oklahoma City Dec. 31-Jan. 14, Angus enthusiasts gathered for the Angus Foundation’s 150 Years of Angus Celebration to enjoy camaraderie and eagerly anticipate the announcement of the recipient. 

Unable to attend the reception, Kathi said the winning phone call caught her completely off guard. 

“When I received the call from Mark McCully, I really had no idea what he was calling about,” Kathi said. “We had been busy preparing for Denver and had lost track of what day the winners would be announced. I was in complete shock when he told me – I even asked him if he was serious, followed by overwhelming tears of joy and gratitude.”

Kathi said she wasted no time sharing the news with her family.

“I instantly opened the door to where my children were clipping cattle and stood there with tears streaming down my face telling them, ‘We won! Your dad and I won,’” Kathi said. “The emotions were truly reflective of how appreciative, shocked and grateful Jeff and I felt knowing we had been selected.”

Fueling the fire

As expected, the lives of herdsmen worthy of this award aren’t always glamorous, but Kathi said it’s the people who keep them motivated.

“The people of this industry are what fuel our fire,” Kathi said. “They are the reason we get up every day, why we push through seasons of drought or poor weather to raise cattle – they truly are our family.”

Kathi said the Angus family is one of the most unique assets of the breed – it’s truly indescribable.

“Being a part of the Angus family and what it means to us is something that would exhaust even the greatest vocabulary,” Kathi said. “The Angus family is a bond unlike any other – it is a unique gift which is appreciated, treasured and simply can’t be duplicated.”

Briley Richard is the Angus communications specialist for the American Angus Association (AAA).

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