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I Carried Mary

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

An angel came down to see
me this morning,

about the carpenter and his bride;

He gave instructions then
left without warning,

I was chosen to be Mary’s ride.

I’m just an ol’ donkey, a
right lowly beast,

called to carry the mother of God;

I’m awkward and furry,
homely at the least,

and my poor voice is simply just odd.

The assignment I have is really more fit,

for a noble and a comely steed;

but I’m the one that was given charge of it,

so, I accept this mantle indeed.

I place my steps softly and watch where I walk,

making certain that I do not fall;

I try to stay silent, work hard not to balk,

and I strive to make no noise at all.

She bears the Messiah, I carry them both,

an incumbrance with which I am blessed; 

I labor earnestly to fulfill my oath,

and pause only as she needs to rest.

The road is rugged and my cargo divine,

I humbly execute my task;

now I wish to tarry, a home to be mine,

but I know that I just cannot ask.

As I turn to walk away from the stable,

she touches my soft cheek with her hand;

I would speak to her if I were just able,

but somehow, she can still understand.

She gestures to a spot that I might bed down,

to witness a miracle tonight;

as a Savior is born, a king with no crown,

and the heavens attest that it’s right.

A modest birth in a humble surrounding,

is the way the Redeemer came in;

he came to this world with blessings abounding,

to free man from the bondage of sin.

I guess it’s fitting that a donkey like me,

was called to deliver a new king;

so, I lay here tonight completely carefree,

and rejoice as herald angels sing.

Andy Nelson, Clear Out West Radio

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