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Cowboy Christmas Code

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

By Dennis Sun

Waiting for Santa takes courage

have I been good or have I not?

Hope he brings me that bundle of candy,

or maybe that’s asking a lot.

I’m proud of the road that I’ve taken

working hard bodes well for a man,

and the woman who rides beside me

has made me as tall as I stand.

I hope Santa knows I’m no quitter,

I stay with the job ‘til it’s done.

It doesn’t matter if I start before daybreak

or after night stars stamp out the sun.

A cowboy life isn’t easy,

I need to be tough but be fair.

I am known for being too honest,

but today that seems pretty rare.

I keep my word when I give it –

come wind, high water or snow,

common sense born from young folly

I learned between the go and the whoa. 

Spending a lifetime working with livestock

is what has made me a hand,

taught me to be faithful to family, 

and I was taught to ride for the brand.

Most folks know I’m not much for talking,

momma said actions speak louder than words.

Quiet comes easy when riding God’s country,

I’m my best when just out with the herds.

Money is short and hard to come by,

but some things are more precious than gold.

A good horse, a good dog and my saddle,

mine now, and mine,

So, Santa I guess I won’t ask for the candy,

God has blessed me and my cowboy way.

Just take care of His little children

on your rounds this Christmas day.

– Tina Willis

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and wonderful holiday season.

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