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The Pick and Choose Movement

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Selective aggression – it’s a term I just learned from social media and boy, do I love it. I saw a clip of Amala Ekpunobi – a PragerU personality and the host of Unapologetic, a daily live show with monthly specials, exploring the biggest ideas and stories in culture, news and politics – refer to a group of protestors as being selectively aggressive.

Essentially, selective aggression is when someone or something chooses what they do and don’t want to be aggressive about. Oddly enough, this is often studied and talked about with dogs, and in a weird way this makes sense. 

I mean, we’ve all seen how some dogs just instantly don’t get along and want to rip each other apart while they get along fine with other dogs. This same principal can be applied to humans. Some people just don’t like others for absolutely no reason other than, “I don’t like them.”

Another example of selective aggression would be someone choosing to be mad about one specific thing, but not mad about something incredibly similar.

An example is people who choose to throw the thumbs down at processed foods or farmers who use chemicals on their crops, but only eat Beyond Meat themselves. Ah yes, folks, we’ve now hit the time in this column where it all ties back to ag.

Why, on God’s green earth, do people blame agriculture for global warming when 2020 data for the U.S. only cites ag as contributing to 11 percent of greenhouse gas emissions while transportation contributes to 27 percent?

Why, for the love of all things Holy, do many people brag about living a vegan lifestyle, yet continue to benefit from many of the byproducts of animal ag such as fossil fuels, toothpaste and dare I say: animal organs used for humans when transplants are needed?

Why do people preach animals should be treated “as good as humans” but wish sickness and violent deaths upon people who raise animals to be harvested or hunt animals?

I’ll tell you why. These people are picking and choosing what they want to be mad about. They’re making excuses for the things benefiting them, because they want to be looked at as woke. 

They will never hold themselves accountable for their own actions going against their “down with animal ag” mantra, but they’ll hold us accountable for ours.

Either it’s all OK; or none of it is OK. That’s all there is to it, and that, my friends, is what I am selecting to be aggressive about this week.

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