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Fremont County Cattleman’s Association recognizes fair winners

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Riverton – During the Fremont County Fair on Aug. 5, the Fremont County Cattleman’s Association sponsored the Fremont County Commercial Cow Contest. 

Phase One results

In the Commercial Cow Phase One competition, participants exhibited a bred heifer at least 30 days bred. Heifers were pregnancy tested by Dr. Amy Stockton. Exhibitors were judged on their record book, appearance and quality of the heifer and average daily gain to determine scores.  

Phase One is a great contest for participants to start their own cowherd, as they will bring the heifer and her calf back to fair the next year. This year’s Phase One judges were Jared Murnin, Jessica Sullivan, Clay Espinosa and Jared Oldham. 

In Phase One, Kaylynn Weber, Piper Anderson, Ryker Crimm, Elie Walters and Samantha Floyd went home with the top five honors, listed first through fifth respectively. The best record book went to Elie Walters. 

The remaining exhibitors placing sixth through 14th were: Lilly Hamilton, Susannah Corlett, Lilly Hamilton, Cadence Hamilton, Lainee Gardner, Jayme Fidler, Zane David, Lane Carpenter and Kaleb Hamilton. 

Phase Two results 

In the Commercial Cow Phase Two competition, participants exhibited their Phase One heifer from the previous year, along with her calf at the side. Cows must be 30 days bred and are pregnancy tested at the fair. Scores were determined by the appearance of the cow/calf pair, record book, weights of the cow and calf and efficiency of the animals.  

This contest provides options as participants may retain a heifer or bull calf in their breeding program, show the animal next year or sell the calf. This year’s judges included Jared Murnin, Katelin Jamerman, Layne Weber and Jess Griffin. 

Kaylynn Weber, Weston Brazil, Piper Anderson, Kaylor McConnaughey and Elie Walters went home with top five honors, respectively. Daniel Reid took home sixth place and Cade David placed seventh. The best record book was awarded to Weston Brazil. 

Born and raised results

In order to be eligible for the Fremont County Born and Raised contest, the participants’ animal must have been born and raised in Fremont County by a local producer. Participants are also required to turn in a record book. 

There were 39 participants in this contest, the largest in years. In the top gaining steer class, awards go to the top gaining steer (pounds per day), as well as placing of the top four animals by eye appeal. Jared Murnin judged the contest.

Conner Christensen went home with first place with a 3.41 pounds per day gain and Laura Dockery went home with second with a 3.27 pounds per day gain. Maddi Marshall took third place with her steer gaining 3.21 pounds per day and Faye Hellyer went home with fourth place with a 3.15 pounds per day weight of gain. 

In the Fremont County Born and Raised class, Brogan Crimm, Kaylynn Weber, Ryker Crimm and Tyne Cuin went home with the top four placings, respectively. Weston Brazil was awarded the best record book. 

For more information, visit Fremont County Cattleman’s Association on Facebook.

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