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The Work Goes On

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

For many months, the leadership and staff of Wyoming Stock Growers Association (WSGA) have put tremendous effort into making this week’s 150th Anniversary Celebration a memorable event. Thank you! 

During this time, WSGA has not relaxed the intensity of our commitment to address the issues affecting Wyoming ranchers every day.

At the state level, WSGA was instrumental in passing legislation including addressing wild horse management, protection of water rights and providing for the issuance of revenue bonds I support of value-added agriculture.  

Looking forward to the 2023 legislative session, WSGA is collaborating with legislative committees to address trespass issues, state land matters and fencing. WSGA maintains a close working relationship with key state agencies including Wyoming Department of Agriculture, Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Wyoming Livestock Board and Wyoming Office of State Lands and Investments, as well as with our state elected officials.

Turning to the federal side, the past year has presented uncertainty as we strive to assess the opportunities for agriculture being touted by the current administration while reaming vigilant in opposing regulatory changes which would have significant negative impacts on the ranching community. 

WSGA works closely with Wyoming’s Congressional delegation to identify legislative opportunities which directly benefit our industry.

Participation in litigation has become a necessary tool in defending ranchers’ rights. WSGA is proud of the recent win in federal district court which upheld the reissuance of U.S. Forest Service grazing permits in the Upper Green. 

Recently, WSGA has taken steps to engage in the current litigation involving corner crossing trespass on private lands in the checkerboard area.

These WSGA activities are guided by policies adopted by our members participating in our annual Winter Roundup or annual Wyoming Cattle Industry Convention. This process begins with the opportunity to hear from key individuals in meetings of any one of our nine committees and to participate in drafting resolutions which are put before the membership meeting for adoption. 

This scenario will take place once again on June 9, during committee meetings, and on June 10, during the membership meeting. 

In the following committees, key topics will include: Finance & Tax, ag land valuation process, current ag credit overview; Ag Promotion, University of Wyoming College of Agriculture update; Brand, brand program funding; Federal Lands, agency and industry updates; Livestock Health, disease updates, disease traceability; Marketing, beef processing expansion; Private and State Lands, state land issues, Natural Resources Conservation Service update, trespass; Water, groundwater challenges; and Wildlife, landowner licenses and elk overpopulations.

WSGA members will have the opportunity to address these topics and raise other concerns at each committee meeting. Yes, even as 150th anniversary attendees enjoy a rodeo, entertainment and a parade, the work goes on.

Jim Magagna is the Wyoming Stock Growers Association executive vice president. For more information, visit

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