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Current WSGA president shares his role in the association 

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Fourth-generation rancher David Kane has long been involved in the agriculture industry. His great-grandfather homesteaded in Sheridan in 1882, and his family has been ranching there ever since.

Today, David runs two separate operations beside his wife Terri and son Nate. 

David was selected to serve as the Wyoming Stock Growers Association (WSGA) president in 2021 through 2023.   

Early inspiration and duties as president 

Like father, like son, David was inspired to follow in his father’s footsteps to join WSGA. His father Chas served as a WSGA president from 1983-1985.

“In the early 80s I attended a few meetings and saw how beneficial WSGA was and realized it was something worth belonging to,” shares David. “I’ve been a member ever since.” 

Throughout his time with WSGA, David was asked to join several committees and chair committees. From 2008-2009, David served as the Region One vice president. His involvement in the association ultimately led him to serve as the association’s vice president, to today, as president, he explained. 

Role as president and WSGA changes 

David has several responsibilities as WSGA president, but he notes his main job is to lead the organization, saying, “My job is to lead the organization in a way which helps the agriculture community, whether this is by helping what ranchers need legislatively, encouraging membership or representing WSGA at county meetings and any other meeting where WSGA presence is beneficial.”

There are a variety of duties David keeps busy with, but throughout his involvement with the association he has seen several changes. 

“One thing which has been very beneficial to WSGA is social media,” he says. “The ability to communicate more effectively and efficiently with the use of e-mails, texts and our No Bull Sheet, which is a monthly newsletter addressing legislation changes or issues is a huge change within WSGA.” 

With the help of social media, David’s team is able to address social media requests and questions much quicker than they were able to in the past, he adds. 

Fondest memories and proudest accomplishments

“One of the really rewarding things about being a part of WSGA is the relationships and friendships you make with ranchers across the state and nationally – connections you wouldn’t have otherwise,” shares David. “I think this is really beneficial in a lot of different ways. I’ve got friends throughout the state I’ve become acquainted with through the association – it’s certainly one of the highlights.” 

The upcoming WSGA 150th Anniversary Celebration is a proud accomplishment for many across the state. For David, the celebration marks WSGA’s ability to adapt to change. 

He continues, “What it shows of WSGA is the ability to adapt to the changing business climate and still be worthwhile representing the agriculture industry and producers.” 

“It shows a lot of the leadership the association had in the past continued to take the reins and guide the association. They dealt with and adapted to whatever it took at the time,” he adds. “With that being said, WSGA is still a very relevant and respected organization.” 

Through WSGA membership, the association will continue to stay relevant throughout the next 150 years, he explains. 

Importance of YPA

“The participation has been great and the energy around the Young Producers Assembly (YPA) has been outstanding,” he says.

In early March, YPA hosted an event in Sheridan and hosted nearly 80 younger-generation folks in agriculture. One of the things YPA has been doing to interact with ag youth is putting on seminars throughout regions of the state, he shares. 

“The youth is the future, and this is something we hear a lot,” he explains. “If we don’t think this is true, we won’t be a viable organization much longer.” 

For more information and to stay up to date on the upcoming celebration, visit

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