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Advantages of Dehorning Cattle

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

By Dick Perue

Both articles appeared in the April 19, 1894 issue of The Saratoga Sun.


Dehorned Cattle

There is to be seen, today, at the feeding pens of Hon. L. G. Davis, as fine a bunch of hay-fed, beef steers as the valley ever produced. The steers have all been dehorned and range from two to four years old.

It is a revelation to see them, and as evidence of what can be accomplished by feeding hay, it is indisputable. Having been deprived of their horns renders them almost as gentle as milk cows, and one can walk up to almost any steer in the bunch.

They crowd the racks as thick as sheep and feed without any attempt at fighting; where only 10 or 15 horned cattle could feed, from 30 to 35 of these hornless cattle eat side by side, without fear of being gored or molested.

No one can look at this bunch of fine, sleek cattle and not be impressed with the vast benefits to be derived from dehorning.


A Good Beef Sale

Hugus and Spencer shipped a bunch of hay-fed steers to Denver last week, they netted $39.95 per head all through. They averaged 1,254 pounds and were pronounced a fine bunch of cattle.

Mr. Spencer, who went with the shipment, says the cattle of the Saratoga Valley have attained a fine reputation and are much sought after, butchers claiming they can cut to better advantage than almost any other cattle brought to market.

If the ranchmen of this country all adopt the plan of feeding for market, the problem of what to do with the large amount of surplus hay produced here is solved.

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