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Chuck Larson Cowboy Poet/Humorist/Storyteller/BSer

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Thus read the heading of the biography for Chuck Larsen when he served as emcee and cowboy poet for the first annual Grand Encampment Cowboy Gathering (GECG) in Encampment 20 years ago. In the program booklet, compiled by yours truly, Chuck was described (in part) as:

Chuck and his wife Linda have a little place north of Saratoga where they keep a few horses and mules. Although Chuck’s job as manager of Carbon Power and Light takes up most of his time, he still finds plenty of opportunity to dab his rope on a little day work for ranchers, breakin’ colts, fixin’ fence, packin’ mules into high country, announcing a rodeo or two and every once in a while, wranglin’ a few dudes; as well as writing and reciting cowboy poetry.

Chuck’s unique style of writing and performing his own brand of poetry will allow you to ‘visualize’ his cowboyin’ experiences as he relates them. WARNING: Chuck also has an imagination that takes the bit in its teeth once in a while and has a run-away!!

Chuck’s poetry has the ability to make you roll in the aisle with laughter or bring a sentimental tear to your eye, as you hear, see and become a part of his performance.

As the pitch man for the “Gathering,” Chuck often made me and others part of the performance with a few quips and jabs – all in good fun and to the delight of the crowd.

Chuck was scheduled to perform at the 20th anniversary of the GECG. However, with his passing, he will be honored by the committee and fellow performers during the July 15-17  event.

Here’s another of his poems.

Takin’ Care of the Nuptials

By Chuck Larsen

Linda and I were makin’ plans for our weddin’ day

And were following all the rules.

Then she scared the heck plumb out of me when she

Started talkin’ about “takin’ care of the nuptials.”

My mind raced back through the years

To what schoolin’ I’d endured.

But “nuptials” didn’t ring a bell

And I shuddered at the sound of the word.

Now this weddin’ business is OK,

And I’m more than willin’ to convert.

But as for “takin’ care of the nuptials,”

No way… especially if it hurts!

You see I was raised up around bulls,

Cows, heifers and steers,

And I sat there in a cold sweat with

“Takin’ care of the nuptials” ringin’ in my ears.

Now I’ve crossed my shinin’ bride-to-be a time or two

And for a little gal she’s tough.

I always thought weddin’s were a special time

But this “nuptials” thing sounded pretty rough.

I started havin’ second thoughts,

Then thirds and fourths, it was time to evacuate.

Linda saw that I was all head up

And about to rush the gate.

She asked what was up and I told her

I wasn’t so sure about signin’ the lease.

Especially if “takin’ care of the nuptials”

Didn’t leave me in one piece.

I felt the fool when she explained

About the “nuptials” and their role.

And I was mighty relieved realizin’

That they’d leave me whole.

You see nuptials ain’t

What I was thinkin’ about at all.

It’s weddin’ vows, weddin’ bells, weddin’ rings,

The “I do’s” and all that wherewithal.

So on our weddin’ day I promised

To be brave and my worry about nuptials I’d forget.

That is unless the preacher shows up

And he’s the local vet.

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