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Way To Go, Team WSF!

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

By Curt Cox 

My family and I just spent the whole week in Douglas at the Wyoming State Fair (WSF) with my boys showing both breeding heifers and market lambs. On top of this, my wife and I organized and managed two cattle shows.  

To say it was a very busy and hectic week would be a major understatement, but it was also extremely enjoyable and rewarding in so many ways. There are a number of people I would like to recognize for all their effort in putting on the event. 

First of all, I cannot thank the Wyoming State Fair staff –  the barn superintendents, the office staff, maintenance personnel and fair management – enough for all their hard work leading up to and during the fair. They literally work from sunup to sundown and even beyond most days to make sure Wyoming agriculture is given the opportunity to have the spotlight shown upon it. In an evolving world where our way of life seems to be under new and growing attacks, we desperately need every opportunity we can get to showcase what it is we do to the outside world. 

Next, I would like to thank all of the members of the Wyoming State Fair Board. The dedication of time and effort they put forth behind the scenes is incredible, and in my opinion, they do not get enough recognition for everything they do to support the fair and everyone who takes part in it. If you happen to run into a board member, please take a moment and thank them. 

Finally, and certainly not least, I would like to thank all of the families and individuals who exhibited livestock at the fair. It seems to me the Wyoming State Fairgrounds basically turns into a small community for the week, and so many people treat you as they would treat their neighbors at home.  

Yes, we are there to compete against one another and each desire to win, but we don’t lose focus of who we are outside of the show ring. It doesn’t matter if it is 6 a.m. out in the tie outs or 10 p.m. in the barn, and finally getting to cleaning stalls after a long day, everyone has time for smile and a kind word. 

It seems like all week, from the minute we unloaded tack, if anyone needed a hand someone was there, dropping whatever they were doing, to help without even being asked. Often, it wasn’t even the people who know me well and know I always need as much help as I can get, it was everyone. 

I know there are countless others I am forgetting to recognize, and I ask for you to please forgive me. I don’t know if every state fair across the country is like ours, but I sure hope they are. 

Until next time, 


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