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Ella and Jared Humphreys share courage and strength

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

What makes a community is the people – individuals with businesses, jobs, kids, pets, loves, accomplishments, disappointments and losses. Heather Humphreys was a member of the Carbon County community who had a job, a husband, a child and polycystic kidney disease.   

While waiting for a kidney transplant, Heather contracted COVID-19. With her husband also battling the virus, she spent 15 days in the hospital where she was tubulated and cared for.  Tragically, her kidneys were too damaged to survive the virus.   

Heather passed away on Aug. 5 at the age of 40, leaving behind husband Jared Humphreys, 42, and their daughter, Ella, 11. 

Ella Humphreys has had her own battles. Born with a rare bone growth disorder, her leg had to be amputated when she was just eight months old. She wears a prosthetic leg and has undergone a total of nine surgeries to attempt to correct the disorder and save her other leg.   

To look at the sweet smile on her angelic face, one would never know the pain she has endured or the difficulties she has suffered. 

This little girl has challenges most of us will never know, but she also has strength and courage we can all aspire to have. Ella inspired the Carbon County community, as we watched her bravely present her swine at the Carbon County Fair Buyer’s Luncheon on Aug. 6. 

In Carbon County fashion, the community rallied to her side and shouted out verbal hugs in the form of cheers and shared heartfelt support in the form of bids. Planned before the event, Steve Fritz, Brad Bartlett and Kip Kerbs, who were joined by Katie Hones, Kevin Ward and Joe Glode made multiple bids on Ella’s pig, donating it back each time.   

In all, the pig in stall F6 was sold six times, to total over $21,000. Ella’s father Jared Humphreys tearfully watched from the sidelines as his daughter inspired the Carbon County community to do what we do. 

When Carbon County has a loss, it hurts all of us.   

When Carbon County has a loss, we step up to help.  

To help and contribute to Ella and Jared, send donations to RNB State Bank, PO Box 100, Rawlins, WY 82301. 

This article was written by and is courtesy of Kellie Nicholson of Rawlins. 

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