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Hot Springs County Fair exhibitors work passionately on projects

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Tymber Eckley and Hallie Martinez have kept busy this summer working on projects for the Hot Springs County Fair. Between the two girls, over 17 animals and more than 50 static exhibits will be shown and displayed during fair week. 

Passion for livestock 

            Tymber will exhibit seven sheep, two hogs, three calves and five horses during her time at the Hot Springs County Fair.

            “My favorite animal to show is most definitely sheep,” said Tymber. “It all started when I was five years old and my older brother showed sheep. I would help him in the barn, and this really sparked my passion for raising and showing sheep.”

            As soon as Tymber was old enough to show, one could find her in the ring bracing a lamb. 

            “I love showing,” she continued. “It’s something that gives me the opportunity to help others in my community.” 

            When looking forward to fair, Tymber shared how excited she is to watch other  4-H and FFA members who compete with sheep purchased from her flock.

            “Anywhere from one-third to half of the lambs at the Hot Springs County Fair were bought from me this spring,” she said. “It is really awesome to know these members chose me to purchase their livestock from my flock.” 

            With 17 projects constantly needing attention, Tymber said she has learned to balance both the mental and physical side of fair preparation. 

            “I get so anxious the closer we get to county fair,” Tymber explained. “I have to just take a moment and remember that I’ve worked all summer, I can’t change anything now and if I make a mistake, I can always change it for next year.” 

            Tymber is constantly trying to learn more about her projects and works with many producers to learn about livestock production. 

            “I ask a lot of questions about what I can improve,” Tymber said. “I learn how I could feed my lambs and pigs better and exercise them.” 

She added, “I learned how to artificially inseminate my heifers and it was a really awesome experience.”

Endless static exhibits 

            This summer has been a little bit different for Hallie – for the first time in five years, she doesn’t have lambs to show. However, she has filled her time completing over 50 static exhibits.

            “I started in 4-H when I was nine years old and started FFA my freshman year,” said Hallie. “I showed sheep in the past, but this year I decided I was needing a break, so I have focused on my other projects.” 

            Hallie will exhibit projects in 4-H and FFA. She has baking projects, a small woods project, her notebook and a number of agronomy projects to display.   

            “I have so many projects in agronomy it is hard for me to remember it all,” said Hallie. “I have 10 different grass samples, potatoes, sugarbeets, pinto beans, white northern beans and hay, just to name a few.”

            Hallie said she has had a lot of fun getting ready for fair.

            “I find I enjoy cutting random samples of grasses on the side of the highway,” Hallie said. “I also really enjoy cake decorating, as it gives me the opportunity to be creative.” 

            Since she doesn’t have sheep of her own, Hallie is excited to watch her brothers this summer at fair while they show lambs. 

            “They have been working all summer with their sheep, and I am excited to see how they do since I have taken a step back,” she shared. 

            While Hallie is excited to support her brothers, she says her main support system stems from her mom, Becky Martinez, when it comes to 4-H and FFA. 

            “My mom has helped me with everything since I was nine. She makes sure everything gets done, she helps me bake all my food, get everything ready for fair and she helps make sure entry forms are filled out,” she says. “She has been a huge influence on my county fair experience.”

            Hallie has one specific goal rolling into fair this year. 

            “I am hoping to have the most entries in agronomy this year,” she explained. “There are just not very many people who participate in agronomy, but I am hoping I have the most by far. Over the last couple years, I have accumulated lots of agronomy samples.”

            The Hot Springs County Fair runs July 31 through Aug. 6 in Thermopolis. 

            Cameron Magee is an intern for the Wyoming Livestock Roundup. Send comments on this article to

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