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Memorial Day Declaration – 1910

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

“On fame’s eternal camping ground 

Their silent tents are spread, 

And glory marks with solemn round 

The bivouac of the dead.” 

Let us be reminded that the approaching 30th day of May 1910 marks the 42nd anniversary of the first Memorial Day order of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR), promulgated by General John A. Logan, the then commander-in-chief of this noble order of citizen patriots, setting apart this 30th day of May as a day of special remembrance of those who were soldiers of the grandest army the world has ever seen, but who now sleep in silent graves, the nations honored dead. 

In ancient days, the garland of laurel and olive was the crown of victory and triumph, but our kindly remembrance of “those brothers of ours” is shown in garlands of the beautiful flowers of May. While thousands of these old veterans have answered the last roll call and their ranks, year by year, are more and more rapidly decimating and soon the last “Old Comrade” of the GAR will answer to the roll call and re-unite with all his comrades on the parade ground of Heaven, in presence of the Great Commander of us all, yet thanks to the liberty-loving hearts of our grand American citizenship, that throb as one today in their devotion to the memory of our nation’s dead, they are coming up nobly, to perpetuate Memorial day, as long as the American flag, through countless ages to come, floats proudly in the breeze. 

Remember we are today a united nation, acknowledging only one flag. Thanks to the ameliorating influences of time and the obtaining of a broader and patriotic sentiment, it is today the flag of the Southland as well as the Northland, and proudly waves over a united people. 

That the National Guard of Wyoming may join in these ceremonies of remembrance for our heroic dead and emulate their patriotic devotion to country and flag, company commanders will assemble and tender the services of their commands on Memorial day to the post commander of the GAR at their home station or the local committee having the memorial exercises in charge and take such part as may be designated by proper authority.  

In accordance with the United States Army regulations, the national flag will be displayed at half-staff from sunrise to midday. At noon, the flag will be hoisted to the top of the staff and will remain there until sunset. 

By command of: 

Bryant B. Brooks,  


Governor and Commander-in-Chief 

P.A. Gatchell,  

Adjutant General 

Reprinted from the May 27, 1910 , Centennial Post Centennial. Since it’s hard for me to change my ways, I still think of Memorial Day as May 30 instead of the new “government” weekend off celebration. Whenever we observe it, may we always remember all those who passed before us. –D.P. 

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