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Chute makes loading easier

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

            For years Terry Kudlock, owner and operator of Kudlock Ranch in Belle Fourche, S.D., fussed with old-style wheeled loading chutes when it came time to load, haul and unload his livestock. 

            “My family and I have dealt with flat tires, compromised wheel bearings and the reduced speeds required to haul trailer chutes,” he explains. “We knew there had to be a better way.”

            Therefore, the Kudlock family set out to find a better, easier way to haul, load and unload their livestock, and in a matter of years, with an inventive take on the traditional livestock loading chute, they had accomplished just this. 

Getting started

            In an effort to solve the age-old problems that came with traditional loading chutes, the Kudlocks invented the EZ Load Chute, which can be hauled on the back of any bale bed truck and significantly decreases the amount of time, effort and money needed to haul it compared to other loading chutes. 

            Before sharing their idea with other ranchers, the family decided to first try the chute out on their own operation.

            “Three years ago, we built our first EZ Load Chute and used it on our own ranch,” says Kudlock. “We saw how easy it was to transport and how fast it was to set up.” 

            He then reiterates how much this new and improved chute decreases the time and effort it takes to load and unload livestock.

            “It’s the chute for progressive producers,” states Kudlock. “With our unique slide design and adjustable connectors, the EZ Load Chute is not only easy to load, it also fits on any bale bed truck, allows individuals to drive as fast as needed and saves an incredible amount of time and money.”

Seeing success

            After approving the functionality of the EZ Load Chute on their own operation and receiving approval for a patent, the Kudlock family decided to share their invention with the public. 

            According to Kudlock, the EZ Load Chute hit the market nearly two months ago, and in this short amount of time it has been a huge success. 

            “We went through the patent process, got our patent approved and now we sell EZ Load Chutes to the public,” he says. “We have a few dealers scattered throughout the Midwest, but for the most part we sell directly to ranchers.”

            With this, Kudlock encourages any individuals interested in purchasing the EZ Load Chute to visit or contact him at 605-210-0813.

            Hannah Bugas is a corresponding writer for the Wyoming Livestock Roundup. Send comments on this article to

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