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Begin Hot Water Drinking If You Don’t Feel Right

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

A glass of hot water with phosphate before breakfast washes out poisons. 

“If you wake up with a bad taste, bad breath and tongue is coated; if your head is dull or aching; if what you eat sours and forms gas and acid in stomach or you are bilious, constipated, nervous, sallow and can’t get feeling just right,” the June 2, 1912 issue of the Sheridan Daily Enterprise advises to, “begin inside bathing.” 

The newspaper continues: 

Drink before breakfast, a glass of real hot water with a teaspoonful of limestone phosphate in it. This will flush the poisons and toxins from stomach, liver, kidneys and bowels and cleanse, sweeten and purify the entire alimentary tract.  

Do your inside bathing immediately upon arising in the morning to wash out of the system all the previous day’s poisonous waste, gases and sour bile before putting more food into the stomach. 

To feel like young folks feel; like you felt before your blood, nerves and muscles became loaded with body impurities, get from your pharmacist a quarter pound of limestone phosphate which is inexpensive and almost tasteless, except for a sourish twinge which is not unpleasant. 

Just as soap and hot water act on the skin, cleansing, sweetening and freshening, so hot water and limestone phosphate act on the stomach, liver, kidneys and bowels. Men and women who are usually constipated, bilious and headachy, or have any stomach disorder, should begin this inside bathing before breakfast. They are assured they will become real cranks on the subject shortly. 

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