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by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

There was a place called Calvary, long, long ago. 

(What was done on Calvary who of us may know?) 

You, who see the lilies bloom – hear the bells today, 

What do you know of Calvary, far, far away? 

To the world came strife and sin, long, long ago. 

(Why the grief that entered in, who of us may know?) 

You with songs upon your lips – in your hearts today, 

What do you know of Calvary, far, far away? 

Came a Man, a lowly Man, peace was in His eyes. 

Faith had made him very strong, love had made Him wise. 

All His love and all His faith, work of head and hand, 

Gave He to the world He loved. None would understand. 

So He laid His good life down, long, long ago. 

(All His grief and all His pain, who of us may know?) 

And He died to make the world safe for you and me; 

But His footprints still remain for all men to see. 

And they made a tomb for Him, dark and cold and deep, 

Where the watchers in the night came to mourn and weep. 

But a wondrous glory showed ‘round Him where He lay, 

And an angel from the tomb rolled the stone away. 

And He rose, He rose again, long, long ago! 

Still He walks the world of men! Still His footprints show! 

Still we hear His great heart beat close to us today. 

Though he died on Calvary, far, far away! 

Author unknown. Reprinted from the April 4, 1920 issue of the Encampment Echo. 

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