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Green Grass

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Green Grass 

We got our snow… A little un-handy, but no one is complaining. The snow buried the dust deep and we’ll have mud for a long time, but green sprouts are showing. 

Nothing is free in this world, except voting. Now, it’s time to vote for the People’s Choice Award in the Wyoming Agriculture in the Classroom (WAIC) bookmark contest. The entries can be seen on the WAIC website home page and on Facebook. One may vote once a day between March 22 and April 2.  

WAIC is near and dear to my heart. I served on the board for a few years – back in the day when everything was kept in a shoebox and we lived month to month.  

From their website, I gleaned some of the history.  

In 1985, concerned folks served on several committees to “foster support for agriculture and natural resource youth education.” 

 During a meeting on Feb. 3, 1986, the motion was made to title the organization (Wyoming Agriculture in the Classroom).  

Through the years, many good people have volunteered their time and energy to serve on the board, giving direction and most importantly, raising funds in order to ensure WAIC is a self-sustaining non-profit organization with a full-time director. 

Elaine Moore of Douglas worked to create the first WAIC magazine, titled “Country to Classroom.” This was mailed out to fourth and fifth grade students throughout the state – about 20,000 copies four times a year.  

Elaine also started a bumper sticker contest, which I helped with in the early 1990s. One day, I was visiting with the printer in Casper about costs of printing bumper stickers and whether they were still popular with folks.   

She said, “What about a bookmark?”   

And thus, the bookmark contest was born.  

So, check out the entrants and vote for your favorites. The winners get a blown-up, life-size bookmark and get to meet Gov. Mark Gordon. The winning bookmarks are printed and distributed throughout the state – I get mine at my local library. 

Speaking of governors, way to go Mr. Gordon. Thank you for proclaiming ‘Hearty Meat Day’ in response to our southern neighbors in Colorado.   

It’s a tireless effort to keep people informed about agriculture. This is one reason to support WAIC and pay dues to be involved in state and national livestock organizations.   

My husband came in last night from a long week in deep snow, and I fed him meatloaf.  He proclaimed it the best meal ever.   

This is an old tried and true recipe – and a pantry-friendly one. I suppose the secret is in the sauce, but we all deserve a little sweetness now and then. 

Stella Brock’s Every Day Meatloaf 

3 slices bread crumbs 

2 pounds hamburger 

2 eggs 

¼ cup diced onion 

1 can tomato soup 

Mix all ingredients together and place in a casserole dish. Bake at 350 F for one hour. Then, carefully pour off the fat and cover the meatloaf with sauce. Bake 10 minutes more until sauce is hot and bubbly.  

Stella’s Sauce 

1 can tomato soup 

1 cup brown sugar 

¼ cup vinegar 

2 tablespoons yellow mustard 

¼ cup ketchup 

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