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Wyoming celebrates ‘Hearty Meat Day’ March 20

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Following the announcement of March 20 as ‘MeatOut Day’ in Colorado, Gov. Mark Gordon proclaimed the day as ‘Hearty Meat Day’ in the state of Wyoming during a legislative reception sponsored by the Wyoming Stock Growers Association (WSGA), Wyoming Wool Growers Association and the Wyoming Racehorse Industry to support ranchers and farmers in their contribution to providing a well-rounded diet.  

The proclamation 

Signed into action on March 11, the proclamation states, “Wyoming beef, lamb and other meat are widely recognized as an important part of a healthful, balanced and nutritious diet.”  

“Livestock are a valuable tool in managing our vast rangelands, enhancing wildlife habitat, controlling invasive plant species, reducing fire hazard, improving soil health and biodiversity and sequestering carbon,” the proclamation continues. “Wyoming farmers and ranchers play a significant role in feeding the world with meat products ethically raised and harvested in a sustainable manner.”  

In defense of the state’s agricultural roots, the proclamation encourages consumers to continue embracing healthy portions of meat in their diet, raised by farmers and ranchers. Gordon further invited the citizens of neighboring Colorado to join in the celebration of ‘Hearty Meat Day.’ 

Supporting statements 

The proclamation has been well received throughout the agricultural community in the state.  

“The proclamation recognizes the role of meat in a healthy diet, as well as the role of livestock in the management of the state’s natural resources,” a WSGA news release states. “Livestock constitute over 80 percent of Wyoming’s agriculture production and is considered on of the state’s main economic drivers.”  

WSGA Executive Vice President Jim Magagna adds, “We are so fortunate to have a governor who is first and foremost a rancher, and who understands the central role in Wyoming’s economy and culture.”  

Defending animal agriculture 

Wyoming was not the only state to defend its farmers and ranchers who provide nutritional and economic value to the country. Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts declared March 20 as ‘Meat on the Menu Day’ to counter the Centennial State’s proclamation encouraging decreased meat consumption and the adoption of plant-based diets.  

“If you were to get rid of beef in our country, you would be undermining our food security, an important part of a healthy diet and also destroying an important industry here in our state,” shared Ricketts during a press conference at a meat shop in Omaha, Neb.  

“Agriculture is Nebraska’s number one industry, and beef is the largest segment of production,” he continues. 

Ricketts’ proclamation encourages Nebraskans to purchase and eat beef, pork, chicken, lamb and other meats while highlighting the role of meat in a healthy diet. 

Across the border, the Colorado Livestock Association, Colorado Dairy Farmers, Colorado Egg Producers, Colorado Pork Producers Council, Colorado Wool Growers Association and Rocky Mountain Farmers Union requested Colorado Gov. Jared Polis to declare March 22, 2021 as Colorado Livestock Proud Day for the state of Colorado.  

Polis signed the proclamation March 11, taking an important step in correcting misinformation shared about the livestock industry’s impact on the environment, human nutrition and animal welfare.  

Averi Hales is the editor of the Wyoming Livestock Roundup. Send comments on this article to 

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