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It’s What We Have

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

It seems this time of the year, I have more time to think things over, and while doing so, I always wish I had something bigger or better. I’m sure it is human nature, and I am sure I am not the only person who wants more.

Being in the Christmas Season, I figured I needed to rework my thinking, step back and focus not on what I want, but what I need to do and more importantly, what I have. I read a quote the other day that got me thinking, “It’s not what we want or need that’s important, it’s what we have.”

Sometimes we forget what we have or we take it for granted because we have been focused on what we want. If you are anything like me this year, my wants have been growing. COVID-19 has been paramount on our minds since March. Then, most of us dealt with drought, and now, all of us have been faced with a confusing national election, in which we have realized our votes may not mean as much with the voting procedures of some states. 

Well, the good part is, the sun keeps coming up every morning, we learned somewhat how to deal with the COVID-19 virus, and no matter how the elections turns out we will live through it. Remember, our country still has a strong Constitution that we live by.

Despite having a drought, most of us had a great fall, and it lasted until two weeks ago. We’ve had no snow, and it’s been 50 degrees out this December. We forgot what a snow shovel or snow blower was. We remember how it was last year at this time, some of us thought we had been through a whole winter by this time last year.

We are thankful we are involved in agriculture and the freedoms it allows our lives. We get to be involved with some of the best people around. We respect those who take on leadership roles because we know the time restraints these roles take on their families and businesses. We’re proud to call them our friends.

In the intermountain states, for the most part, we are honored to have great state legislatures, state leaders and national Congressional people, who understand the agricultural way of life and business.

The two best things in our lives are our families and our good friends. Families are what it is all about, they support us and tell us when we’re right and wrong. Like good friends, we can be totally honest with family. Family and good friends make our lives complete.

As the New Year rolls in, take the time now and then to reflect on what you have. It will make your wants seem small.

Have a happy and prosperous New Year, and thank the Good Lord 2020 is behind us.

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