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Father Time

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

An editorial in the Dec. 27, 1912 Star Valley Independent, entitled “Father Time,” proclaims:

Well, here he is again – Pa Time. He’s gray and bald, long past his prime, and on his shoulder one may see the same grass-cutting snicker-snee. We snub him all the live-long year. His steady tread we do not hear. He’s not forgotten, just misplaced and feels himself quite gone to waste. As cold and bleak December dies a triumph grand before him lies. He knocks his hour-glass on the door, he enters and demands the floor.

“Once more,” he starts, “I come to warn.” 

Here someone blows a loud tin horn, a cowbell shakes, a shot rings out, a whistle blows, bass voices shout, but Father Time, with upraised claw at last subdues the riot to awe.

“I come to warn you this new year must find you in your working gear, prepared to labor, grind and fight for what is best and what is right. My 12 months swiftly pass you by. How did you treat the last, O fle? Your years are numbered, small the span, make each one serve the best you can. It is the rule of this concern that damaged goods we can’t return.”

The noise resumes and all is gay, poor Father Time just limps away, nor does he limber up his pace when dollar watches dare a race. Although we pity this poor guy. Time’s changes we may not defy, and when he makes his yearly speech don’t let your ears bend out of reach.

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