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Trade at Home!

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Historical reproductions by Dick Perue

As is the case today, “Shop at Home” promotions have been with us throughout our history as portrayed in the Oct. 14, 1915 issue of The Encampment Record.

There are comparatively few small-town residents who fully appreciate what their home communities mean to them. Not only from a standpoint of sentimental loyalty or civic pride, but in the way of dollars and cents as well.

In other words, people living in the small towns and their trade territories spend a large percent of their money, which is produced locally, in the stores of the big cities nearby. One would be nearer correct in stating these people live on, rather than in, their communities, and it doesn’t take a very able prophet to foresee inevitable results.

Failure to patronize local merchants is largely unwarranted and as more people come to realize the effects they will face about and cooperate more closely along lines that will tend to improve and develop the communities in which they live.

The opportunity is ours to be a vital factor in the improvement of our local stores, which will in turn greatly benefit the community as a whole and every individual residing in it.

It may be a fact our local stores are not as large or as handsomely equipped as some of the big city stores, but we can agree our merchants cannot possibly enlarge or improve their business beyond the extent justified by the amount of patronage accorded them.

If one is interested in bringing about better local shopping facilities, it is squarely upon us to patronize home merchants, thus keeping our money at home, insofar as possible, where it will circulate in various channels for the improvement of the community.

A prosperous community is in every instance a desirable place in which to live, as it affords its residents advantages and conveniences to the extent of its prosperity, which invariably is limited to and controlled by the amount of local commercial activity.

If those with children to educate are interested in local social or religious affairs, if they own or expect to own a home or other property in their community, a few minutes thought will convince them it is decidedly to their best interest to patronize their local stores at all times, provided investigation proves they can do so to as good advantage as elsewhere.

Bear in mind, home trading is a most vital element in community welfare and progress. Consider carefully the fact that a portion of every dollar spent in local stores finds its way to essential function for the support and development of the neighborhood, the general prosperity of which they must necessarily share in.

Our local merchants are entitled to our patronage, provided they offer us the right kind of merchandise at the right prices, and we owe it to ourselves and our communities to extend. – Farmers’ Review of Chicago.

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