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Pessimism Has no Place in Real Spirit of Time of Thanksgiving

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Just over 100 years ago the United States was recovering from the devastation of World War I, Spanish Flu epidemic and some of the worst weather of the century. Yet, the Moorcroft Democrat found a place for optimism in its Nov. 18, 1921 issue with the following editorial:

After having devoted so much of our time to bemoaning the misfortunes that have come to us as a people during the past year, it will do us good on this Thanksgiving Day to stop and look at the other side of the ledger and cast up the account of the good things that have come to us.

Our situation admittedly has not been as favorable in many respects as we could desire. We have had problems and difficulties which naturally aroused dissatisfaction and discontent. We have been feeling mighty sorry for ourselves.

Perhaps Thanksgiving occasion could bring no greater blessing to us as a people than to readjust our perspective and displace pessimism with a new spirit of optimism.

Before we enter into the true spirit of the day, it is necessary to put away our hatreds, our grouches and discontents and center our thoughts upon the blessings that have come. If one would give thanks, he must realize the fact of having been blessed, and in doing so he minimizes the misfortunes he has experienced. 

The pessimist is in no position to give thanks. The spirit of optimism will possess us to the extent we are able to give thanks in spirit and in truth to the Giver of All Good Gifts today.

For the fact remains, in spite of our difficulties, we are the most prosperous and the most favorably situated nation on the earth, and we have more reasons for contentment and gratitude than any other people.

This Thanksgiving Day, if observed in the spirit of those who inaugurated it, is capable of lifting the spirit and thought of the American people to new heights and of ushering in a new era of contentment and happiness.

Thanksgiving Day comes to mean today not only an occasion when we may express our gratitude to the Most High for His care and kindness in the past, but likewise a time when by marshaling our blessings before us we are inspired with new hope and courage for the future.

Hope also existed in the following news item in the Nov. 26, 1918 issue of the Douglas Budget.

Church will be open Thursday

If there ever was a time when people should have a real spirit of Thanksgiving, it is this year. The world’s greatest war is ended and the flu epidemic, which has claimed more victims than the war, is rapidly dying out. Under circumstances, how can even the most confirmed grouch fail to breathe a spirit of gratitude.

The churches will not be able to hold any Thanksgiving services but there is nothing to prevent people from privately repairing to the House of God for a few moments of quiet worship. Such an attitude would be a fitting tribute to Almighty God.

            The Congregational Church will be open and warm all day to provide this privilege for the people. It is hoped during the day many will drop in for a few moments of silent and private worship.

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