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Veterans to be Trained for Civilian Jobs by Second AF

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Colorado Springs – Second Air Force has evolved and put into operation a program providing jobs for honorably discharged veterans, thus returning ex-service personnel to a normal, useful wage-earner’s life. The program was announced today at Second Air Force (2AF) headquarters.

Initial phases being completed, the 2AF Veterans Placement Program already has veterans in training for jobs on air bases as mechanics, welders, radio men and sheet metal workers. With this plan, 2AF is completing the cycle of training and placing men in civilian jobs, just as it trains air crews for combat.

As the largest air force in continental United States, Second Air Force, at present employs approximately 29,000 civilians at some 40 bases in more than 10 states as it produces heavy bombardment crews and fighter pilots for overseas duty. With manpower regulations becoming more and more stringent and to meet the growing requirements for capable and qualified workers, 2AF has developed this new program for the training and placement of veterans. 

The plan includes the following methods of placement:

First is the direct employment on one of the 2AF bases for men already skilled in mechanical trade or for unskilled men in jobs to suit their capabilities, such as laborers, fire fighters, guards, clerks or other semi-skilled occupations. The salary range on these direct assignments depends upon the ability and qualifications of the veteran, his duties and responsibilities.

Second is the employment through training for veterans who need or desire training, 2AF has arranged through the Colorado Springs Vocational School for courses in aircraft sheet metal, welding, aircraft radio and machine shop practices. The veteran is enrolled at a salary of $1,500 per year and $3l5 per year overtime paid while he is undergoing training.

Upon direct employment or at conclusion of the training period, the veteran is assigned to 2AF base of his own choice, if possible. Travel to the installation is made at government expense.

The placement program, it was pointed out, has three-fold advantages including immediate employment of discharged veterans, further the war effort by relieving manpower shortages on the air bases and preparation of the veteran for skilled occupation after the war.

The above article was printed in the Feb. 7, 1945 issue of Slip Stream, a military newspaper published at Casper Army Air Base in Casper.

According to the Internet, Casper Army Air Base is one of only four World War II military installations constructed in Wyoming but, then, that’s a future history lesson.

In later years a portion of the Casper Army Air Base was used by the Wyoming Air National Guard, and I spent time training there in 1959. – Dick Perue, proud Air Force veteran

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