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Stay Put

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

By Lee Pitts

Let the record show I’m in favor of impenetrable borders and un-scalable walls patrolled by border guards armed with AR-15s – between states, that is.

I used to be a proud fifth generation Californian, but people are currently pouring out of my state because it has become a liberal insane asylum and – tongue twister alert – folks are fleeing like fleas falling from a feline with a new flea collar.

Idaho and Texas seem to be the two most popular safe havens, but there are a bunch of “reverse Okies,” who are moving back home to Oklahoma where so many prunies can trace their roots. 

Full disclosure, my father was an Okie exactly like the ones Steinbeck described in “The Grapes of Wrath.”

No state, it seems, is safe from the California virus. 

Recently a caller to the Rush Limbaugh Show asked what happens when the California liberals move to the state of Texas in such swarms that it is enough to turn the state blue. Pun intended.

I’ll tell you what will happen. The ex-California liberals will then try to turn the great state into the mess they just left. It won’t be long before they’ll have 11 percent state income tax, and if they want to even build a deck on to the back of their house, it will take one year for approval and cost $30,000 in fees. 

Even then, if the bureaucrats find an endangered snot-nosed, silver-bellied snail on their property, they’ll never be allowed to do anything with it. But, they’ll still have to pay excessive property taxes on land rendered useless.

This is why I don’t believe states should have open borders.

 If a Californian wants out bad enough, they ought to have to at least dig a tunnel to escape. It’s a bio-containment issue, and we shouldn’t make it so easy for them. 

There ought to be a billboard on every freeway and road at every state’s border saying, “Don’t Californicate Our State.”

 If a Californian wants to even visit the Alamo, they ought to have to apply for a visa, go through an extensive vetting process and take a written test. If they can’t identify what meat is found in chicken fried steak or they can’t drink their share of sweet tea, they should be denied entrance. Especially if they’re driving a 24-foot U-haul and look like they intend to stay for a while.

Unfortunately, this mass outward migration is not only happening in my state but other liberal bastions as well. So many New Yorkers have moved to Florida they can’t even count votes after an election any more. 

As liberal strongholds such as Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and all other places being run by “progressives” burn to the ground, the people who elected the them are moving to other states so they can work their magic there too. People have discovered during the COVID-19 crises they can work from home and don’t have to be ensconced in a high-rise in New York or Silicone Valley, so be forewarned, they’ll be moving to a small town soon.           

This is why we need to batten down the hatches, erect tall border walls and put a stop to outward migration from any state whose name is more than one syllable or has an “O” in it. 

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