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State Fair of Great Benefit

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Postcard from the Past. Compiled by Dick Perue.

The Sept. 1, 1910 issue of the Wyoming Industrial Journal noted, “This issue of the Wyoming Industrial Journal is given over largely to the Wyoming State Fair and subjects related to the fair. We are devoting an extra amount of space to this subject because it is our firm belief no enterprise in Wyoming is of more universal benefit than the state fair.” 

“Here not only visitors from other states have an opportunity to see the products of Wyoming, but many of our own people are greatly surprised when they see the demonstration at Douglas of the possibilities of Wyoming in agriculture, mining, stock raising and other industries,” states the journal.

It continues, “Wyoming does not enjoy the reputation she should have over many parts of the United States. People outside the state generally look upon this as wild and wooly country inhabited by cowboys, Native Americans and sheepherders, and over whose plains roam long-horned steers, poorly bred sheep and various wild beasts.” 

“The Wyoming State Fair is playing its part in dispelling these erroneous ideas. At Douglas each year is not only seen varied assortment of as fine agricultural products as can be seen in any eastern state, but as fine pure blood horses, cattle, sheep and hogs as can be produced in any state in the union,” reads the issue. “In fact, many of the live- stock entered at the state fair are prize winners in Inter-State fairs where the best of the Middle West and West are pitted against them.” 

The journal concludes, “The citizens of Wyoming, who each year visit the State Fair cannot but feel growing pride in his state and her resources as well as encouragement to make greater effort in whatever industry he may be engaged.” 

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