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We’re Gaining In Time

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Well, it is the first of June and we hope and pray we are making progress with the whole COVID-19 issue. While we have made progress within the big picture, the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and those who have been rioting, looting and burning up businesses is a huge setback for the citizens of this country.

            I know the death of George Floyd was unnecessary and tragic, and those involved should be given their day in court. I’ve never lived in a big city, and I’m glad of it. There is no doubt these protests are justified, but they should be peaceful. You don’t have to destroy our cities to make a point.

            The news is reporting most of the individuals who have been arrested are from out of town. If this is the case, someone is paying them to cause all this destruction. That is another tragedy. Living in this region, it is hard to believe just what is happening. 

            It would be hard to protect a business or building with the large numbers of rioters. These actions have to be a boon for gun manufacturers. I don’t understand why these cities can’t use more of the National Guard to protect their citizens, businesses and buildings. It shouldn’t have to be Americans fighting Americans.

            They have even driven President Trump into the White House bunker for safety. That hasn’t happened since 9/11. 

            In other news, the packinghouses are producing more products and the meat cases in the grocery stores seem to have more inventory. But, there are still meat shortages in some areas of the country. 

            Some good news is that through the middle of May, U.S. ground beef sales increased more than $1 billion compared to the same period last year, and poultry was also up. I see those figures as a result of the high cost of beef, $15 plus for a pound steak is going to have you looking elsewhere in the meat case. 

They are finding out the number of market-ready cattle backlogged in the feedlots may not be as large as once thought, which is good news. Some are saying there is as few as half million head as compared to the estimated one million count. 

            The cattle on feed inventory was down five percent on May 1, and some are projecting a 28 percent lowering of steer and heifer slaughter during May. 

            We also need the lamb and wool market to get higher, or in the case of the wool market, it really just needs a market.

            While beef exports are still good and helping the price, we look forward to the summer internet sales to establish a market. Imports of beef now are at around 11 percent of beef consumed and most of this is lean hamburger grind. What we don’t like is meat products coming from Africa and Brazil. I just don’t trust them to give us a safe product.

            In time, all of this will be behind us, but marking time can be a challenge.

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