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It’s Crazy Times

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Published on March 28, 2020

Well, we’ve been through some strange times in our lives, but the last couple of weeks have been wild to say the least. The coronavirus or COVID-19 is a strange disease. First because in four months it has reached every corner of the Earth. 

            I guess this shouldn’t surprise us, in this day and age traveling is the norm around the world. I would guess in the last two months, we all have known someone who has traveled, either on business or for fun. 

As I write this column earlier in the week, Wyoming has over 40 confirmed cases of the virus, and I suspect by the time you read this issue of the Roundup, it may have doubled. 

As our governor said, “This isn’t going to be over in two weeks.”

            By far, this isn’t the worst disease we’ve ever seen. As the name, COVID-19 reads, which means somewhere in the world we have seen 18 of these virus outbreaks through the years. We even see the name on our cattle vaccine labels. But, it is here and we will deal with it.

            I realize I’m dating myself, but I remember when I was in third grade and we all had to go to town to get vaccinated for polio. After looking at all the pictures of kids in iron lungs, none of us ever wanted to come to town again. We couldn’t imagine something so bad.

            The positive part is, with social media and the internet, we all stay informed on the latest news. But, the negative part is with social media and the internet, we read all the misinformation and the politics on that information. 

            I think our president and his administration are doing a good job, along with our governor and state leadership. We have to realize most people have never had to experience anything like this before except during natural disasters. The good job can be attributed to the sound leadership we have elected. Remember that in the voting booth this fall.

            On a lighter note, every so often, we receive an issue of the Livestock Weekly from San Angelo, Texas. It is sure different than our news, as there is no federal lands news, but there are more private lands rights and sheep and goat news. 

            There are numerous ads for helicopter control of mesquite, prickly pear, feral hogs and coyotes. A couple wolves or grizzly bears would take their minds off those issues. 

            They had a page labeled “Hindsight” where they had news from 70 years past. It was interesting to see all of the Wyoming people in the past news.

            Fifty years ago, Albert Allison of Ault, Colo., bought about 9,000 black-face feeder lambs at Shell for August delivery at $30. 

            Forty-five years ago, Wayne Krause of Powell, sold 1,700 feeder or shearing lambs at sealed bid, weighing 87 pounds, at $39.25. 

            Thirty-five years ago, the top Hereford steer in the Fort Worth Fat Stock Show was shown by Berry Summerour of Dalhart, Texas. The steer was bred by Don Berry of Cheyenne.

            Also, 15 years ago, the ultra-modern Ranchers’ Lamb of Texas lamb plant at San Angelo closed its doors. Company officials said they couldn’t procure enough lambs to keep the facility in operation.

            Stay home and stay well. Better times are coming.

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