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Fish Fry a Success: Nearly a Thousand People Fed Each Day With Fish and Barbecued Beef. Visitors From All Parts of the United States in Attendance

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Big headlines in the Aug. 31, 1916, Encampment Record taut a two day celebration in Encampment, Wyo. The story reads, in part the following.

Encampment’s third annual Fish Fry and barbecue could not have been a greater success. People from all over the United States attended and all were well pleased with the entertainment.

The ball games, which were advertised, failed to materialize either day, owing to a misunderstanding, but all other amusements, except the mask carnival, were pulled off on schedule time. Owing to the light plant being out of commission the mask carnival was dispensed with.

            Some bad horses were rode and some were not, their bad qualities showing as soon as they were mounted and their riders deciding to get off without an argument.

            The Fish Fry on Monday was unsurpassed, there being ample fish for all present, besides the other eatables, including bread, coffee, pickles and potatoes.

            On Tuesday the barbecued beef dinner was served to more people than at any previous celebration in Encampment and still there was plenty for all. Fully 2,000 people attended the frontier entertainment at the grounds in the afternoon. There were more automobiles here than ever before at any one time.

            The news item listed events and winners. Events were cow pony race, girl’s pony race, novelty race, relay race, rooster pull… The story continued:

            The Willis harness exhibition was a splendid entertainment and the only regret was that there were not more horses of the kind Mr. Willis owns, so that a real harness race could be seen.

            The bucking contest was very interesting both days and was won by Ronald McDonald first, B.M. Byers second and R.J. Wallis third. Arawanna, owned by R.J. Wallis, was given best money for being the worst horse and Texas Tommie, owned by B. M. Byers, second.

            McDonald, who carried off the first prize in the bucking contest, is one of the best riders that ever came to Encampment. He has rode bad horses at Cheyenne’s Frontier Days celebration and at Laramie’s round-up. Here he rode three of the worst horses on the ground.

            On Monday, he rode Arawanna, one of the meanest, quickest, hardest bucking little horses that ever had a saddle on. This horse threw his riders at both Cheyenne and Laramie celebrations this year, but he found a man that could stay with him when McDonald drew him.

            On Tuesday in the semi-finals McDonald rode Texas Tommie, another little horse that threw his rider the day before and drew second money for being the worst horse. McDonald rode him to a finish, however.

            In the finals McDonald was lucky again in drawing a bad horse, this time getting Croppy. This horse fell with his rider on Monday and on Tuesday threw his rider, saddle and all, and is a bad horse, without a doubt. McDonald, however, rode him and scratched him good.

            Byers, who took second money, is a Rawlins boy and is also a good rider. He always attends Encampment’s Fish Fry and usually carries off some of the prize money. Wallis, winner of third money, is from Laramie and is another good rider. His horse, Croppy, threw him Tuesday, but when he hit the ground his saddle was still between his legs. Croppy had to throw the saddle in order to get Wallis off.

            The dance at the city hall both Monday and Tuesday nights were attended by large crowds, there being about 150 couples present each night.

            The Rawlins band made the music for the celebration, during the day and evening and an orchestra from the band furnished music for the dance at night.

            Encampment’s Fish Fry was a successful affair this year from every point of view, and it is an established celebration. There is talk now of holding a three-day celebration next year.

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