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Cheney addresses Wyo Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers at conference

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Sheridan − Congressman Liz Cheney was unable to address the Farm Bureau Federation’s Young Farmer and Rancher Conference in person but joined the event via web conference to discuss current political issues with the attendees. 

“Our main goal right now is to get the government back open,” said Cheney. “Some of my colleagues and I have opted to not take pay through the shutdown. I don’t think Congress should be getting paid when there are other people who have to work through the shutdown with no pay.”


Cheney expressed Republicans are attempting to negotiate with the Democrats but are not backing down on funding for resources to secure the southern border of the United States. 

“Two weeks ago, we presented the Democrats with a list of items and resources to secure the border including the wall, increased border patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents,” said Cheney. “Instead of negotiating and making suggestions to the list, the Democrats just ignored it.” 

With many freshman Democrats hailing from previously Republican-held districts, there is pressure building, said Cheney. 

“The freshman Democrats come from districts that still have a lot of Republicans. The pressure is growing, and their constituents have a lot of questions,” Cheney said. 

“Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is trying to control all the Democrats, but some of them are very radical,” Cheney said. “These young Democrats, while very smart, do not understand why socialism is bad and the historical context as to why it doesn’t work.” 

Top issues

While government funding is the highest priority, Cheney also mentioned other issues that directly effect Wyomingites. 

“Some of the challenges for us here in Wyoming center around the farm bill,” said Cheney. “The new farm bill included new authorities that cannot be implemented because of the shutdown.”

“Though the farm bill didn’t pass with the work regulations for nutrition assistance like we wanted it to, it is something we will continue to fight for in the future,” Cheney said. 

The other big fight the Republicans are facing is issues with the Green New Deal, which would attempt to run the country on primarily renewable resources, according to Cheney. 

“Here in Wyoming, we know just how critical natural resources are to everyday life,” Cheney said. “The people who advocate for the Green New Deal should try to run their life for just one day using renewable energy as the bill suggests, and they would quickly see the basic things they wouldn’t have access to.”


Cheney also discussed the ongoing issue involving tariffs. 

“With China, we have to remember the relationship has many levels other than just trade,” said Cheney. “While some tariffs can be beneficial, they can hurt Americans, especially those in agriculture.” 

“I really commend Trump on how he handled the renegotiation of North American Free Trade Agreement,” she continued. “Even though the Canadians initially didn’t agree with the terms, they came to terms when they realized they would be left out otherwise.” 

Sharing the agriculture story

Cheney expressed she was absolutely thrilled to see so many young people attending the Wyoming Farm Bureau Young Farmer and Rancher Conference. 

“This is the future of Wyoming agriculture,” Cheney said. “Young people provide a valuable intersection between agriculture and new ways to communicate the story of agriculture via social media.”

Cheney currently works on a project that highlights veterans’ history to remind young people the sacrifices made by our military, and she sees potential in a similar project for agriculture.

“We could do something very similar with farms,” she noted. “We need to get farm stories on a national platform to help tell real stories and show the unparalleled contributions farmers and ranchers have made to this country.” 

“People need to know the true grit, hard work, value and character it takes to be a successful farmer or rancher,” said Cheney. 

Callie Hanson is the assistant editor of the Wyoming Livestock Roundup. Send comments on this article to

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