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Crossover period marks midway point in Wyoming Legislature’s 2018 Budget Session

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Cheyenne – On Feb. 28, the Wyoming Legislature reached the halfway point for the 2018 budget session, meaning it was also the last day scheduled for third reading of bills in the house of origin. 

“Any legislation that did not successfully pass third reading in the primary house by Feb. 28 will not go on for further consideration in the opposite chamber,” says the Legislation Services Office (LSO). 

LSO reports that, of the 330 bills and resolutions numbered for introduction, 188 bills remain active. Of those, the Senate introduced 126 pieces of legislation and moved forward with 102 of those, and the House introduced 204 bills, only passing 86 for Senate consideration. 

“Both the Senate and House have addressed a broad range of issues affecting Wyoming residents and now the second house will get a chance to make changes and pass or vote down those bills sent from the house of origin,” LSO comments. “Although these bills have passed in their primary house, the legislation still must gain approval of the second house and be sent to the Governor for consideration before becoming state law.”


In the final 10 days of the session, several important deadlines have been set. March 5 is the last day for bills to be reported out of committee in the second house, and March 6 is the last day for Committee of the Whole (COW) on bills in the second house. Additionally, March 8 is the last day for third reading on bills in the second house. 

The Wyoming Legislature plans to wrap up the 2018 Budget Session on March 10.

A top priority over the next 10 days is the completion of the state’s 2019-20 biennial budget. 

“The bodies will spend this week reconciling the differences between the final Senate and House versions of the budget bill through a joint conference committee (JCC),” according to LSO. “After each chamber votes to concur on the conference committee’s action, the bill will be sent to Gov. Matt Mead for his consideration.” 

Ag bills

While a number of the bills potentially affecting the agriculture industry did not meet deadlines or reach the threshold of a two-thirds majority to continue through the legislative process, there are a number of bills that impact Wyoming’s farmers and ranchers still on the table. 

The Wyoming Livestock Roundup encourages our readers to interact with producers groups they are a member of, as well as with their local legislators, to ensure their interests on the farm and ranch are protected. 

The following is a summary of a selection of bills and their status in the legislative process.

House Bills

HB 1 – Budget Bill – S Appointed JCC Members

HB 13 – Municipal Extraterritorial Jurisdiction – Repeal – S Referred to Corporations

HB 14 – Municipal Jurisdiction – S Referred to Corporations

HB 20 – Game and Fish Agreements with Federal Agencies – H Postponed Indefinitely

HB 39 – Wildlife Conservation License Plates – S Received for Introduction

HB 48 – Cruelty to Animals – Penalties – H Failed Introduction

HB 51 – Reporting of Gross Receipts – H Did Not Consider for Introduction

HB 77 – Instream Flow Consultant – S Referred to Agriculture

HB 89 – Feeding Garbage to Swine – H Withdrawn by Sponsor

HB 90 – Country of Origin Recognition – USA Beef – H Did Not Consider in COW

HB 91 – Right to Repair Farm Equipment – H Postponed Indefinitely

HB 92 – Beef Checkoff Penalty – Repeal – H Postponed Indefinitely

HB 93 – Speeding Fines Amendments – 2 – S Referred to Transportation

HB 94 – State Lands – Net Gain in Acreage – H Failed Introduction

HB 98 – Real Estate Transfer Tax – H Did Not Consider for Introduction

HB 104 – Wind Energy Production Tax – H Did Not Consider for Introduction

HB 130 – State Fair Endowment – S Referred to Agriculture

HJ  3 – Federal Single Subject Constitutional Amendment – H Failed Introduction

HJ 4 – State Lands Mineral Royalties Constitutional Amendment – H Failed Introduction

Senate Files

SF 45 – State Fair Board – H Referred to Agriculture

SF 47 – Eminent Domain – Wind Energy Collector System – S Failed Introduction

SF 53 – Small Water Projects – H Passed COW

SF 55 – Water Development Account III – H Postponed Indefinitely

SF 64 – Appropriation to State Engineer – H Referred to Appropriations 

SF 67 – Wyoming Public Lands Day – H Placed on General File

SF 69 – 2018 Large Project Funding – H Re-Referred to Appropriations 

Archived audio from the House and Senate are available at, as is a current status of all bills received by the Legislative Services Office. 

Saige Albert is managing editor of the Wyoming Livestock Roundup. Send comments on this article to

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