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Seldom Seen in Town

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

There drums a rainy torrent now,

As my roof echoes the sound,

Of water falling fast to earth –

On prairies parched and thirsty ground.

I thank thee Lord for blessings,

Poured out on me like rain,

It seems for most I have to wait –

To know the loss before the gain.

I thank thee Lord for grassland,

For the cattle that survived,

I thank thee Lord for horses –

And the talent they have inside.

I thank thee for their willingness

To work for feed for wages,

For the good they’ve done for man –

Today down through the ages.

I thank thee for the gift of growth,

It’s something man can’t give,

For increase in both crop and herd –

Thou Giver of life to live.

I can plant, harvest and graze,

And stack and store and sell,

But I can’t give the growth –

That springs from thy eternal well.

I thank thee Lord for family,

For those long past before,

That loved this land as I do now –

Could they have loved it more?

I stop and pause and wonder,

As the rain is slowing down,

At blessings from thy gentle hand,

That are seldom seen in town.

Paul Kern is a poet from from Sandy, Utah. He travels Montana, Idaho and Utah reciting his poetry. He also performs his poetry set to the music of twin guitars and mandolin in a duo known as “Homeward Bound.” Kern operates a seasonal ranch in Island Park, Idaho and a hay farm in Cache Valley, Utah. Paul’s poetry reflects personal experiences, family life and the western values he holds. He has published three CDs, including “Rimrock, Where Memories Rhyme” which was recognized as the Cowboy Poetry Album of the Year in 2005 by the Academy of Western Artists. For more of his poetry, visit or e-mail

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