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Merry Christmas Wishes

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

As we all settle in at home with our families, the Wyoming Livestock Roundup wishes all of you a very Merry Christmas.

Christmas Everyday 

I can still recall and remember them all,

Childhood Christmases years ago,

With all the noise of brand new toys

And everything dusted with snow.


The tree, you could smell, was decorated well,

With ornaments that were homemade

And gazing up when I was a pup,

Wondering if Santa was delayed.


But all the gifts, sleighs and snow drifts,

And memories of St. Nicholas nights

All fail to compare with the love that I share

For my Mother’s special picture of Christ.


Other pictures we had, but we were all glad,

When this one struck that special chord

‘Cause it was a sign of that special time,

We celebrated the birth of our Lord.


It was kinda small, not big at all

And wasn’t the best in show;

On it was a light, you could see it at night,

Give the room a special glow.


It wasn’t very flashy, not very classy,

But sat there the same every year,

A reminder of His birth, as He came to earth

To free us from bondage and fear.


Then stories we’d sow of the days long ago,

Of how wise men followed a star,

To a stable He lay, on a bed made of hay

In a land so distant and far.


I’d then be good, as a young boy should,

Remembering what was taught me,

And would never regret, but somehow forget

The toys my parents had bought me.


So tell me why, it is always that I

Wait until Christmas to remember,

This life that was given, my reason for livin’,

Yet I only recall in December.


So I now resolve, this problem to solve,

And promise to work every way

To remember His love, a gift from above

And live like it’s Christmas each day.

– Andy Nelson, Pinedale

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