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Tough Decisions

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

      “The election is over, and now we deal with change. That’s good for one political party and not so good for the other.”

That is the first reaction after any election, but we need to get past that kind of reaction and move on.  Those who have walked the streets in protest of the national election have given America a black eye.

Whether those who protested or those who claimed to be moving to Canada after the national election thought it would make any difference, they were proven wrong. America, for the most part, has always had an orderly transfer of power following elections.  Some may think the country may never make it through four or eight years of the newly elected president, but somehow we do, and before you know it, there is another election right around the corner for us all to yell at one another. 

I think most of the elections cycles, both national and state, are just too long. It seems that the only ones in America with job security are those who manage elections. I’m all for getting to know the candidates, and their views, values and opinions, but two years running for election of president is just too long. 

Our state lawmakers have some hard decisions to make as they did during the last legislature. This year may be harder. The issues haven’t changed that much as we’re still in the hole money-wise, but we have so many new legislatures.  There are 20 new House members and six new Senators.  Not only do they have to learn the rules of lawmaking, but catching up on all the issues to be able to vote right is the hard part. We are all behind them and will offer any assistance they ask for and we thank them all for seeking office, as we all know their lives have to change as they will be busy during session and in between sessions. Being a state legislator is a large commitment for both the individuals and their families. Someone has to take their place while they are in Cheyenne or on the road at committee meetings, and the same goes for all who are involved in lawmaking.

To help all of us as producers make decisions in the future, the place to be this next week is in Casper at the 2016 Winter Roundup Convention and Trade show at the Parkway Plaza, Dec. 5-7. There will be speakers to help us make it through the depressed and how to manage the ranch better.  There will be a mix of politicians and federal lands issues to catch up on.  We get to recognize the new group of Future Cattle Producers and the Young Producers Assembly events and meetings. If you are young of age or young at heart, you need to attend.

The new winners of the Environmental Stewardship Award finalists will be introduced, as will the ranchers who are honored by the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission and Wyoming Board of Agriculture Access Recognition program. We’ll hear the Governor speak on lots of issues, and best of all, we’ll get to visit with old friends and make new ones.  There are also side meetings with the Wyoming Cattlewomen, Wyoming Ag in the Classroom, Wyoming Wool Growers, Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust and those involved with public lands.

Lots of people, lots of learning and lots of fun are in store. See you there.

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