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To the Editor

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

To the Editor:

I speak as an alumnus of Casper College 34 years ago. It seems that the Board of Trustees has lost the vision of what a community college truly is. This college is for the community – and for all of the state of Wyoming, for that matter.

They apparently view themselves as a part of government more than as community leaders. This is made apparent in the grossly overinflated costs projected in $5 million facility upgrades and $5 million for the arena at the ranch campus. Within the college itself, there are courses taught in construction, electrical and welding. The students could perform a major portion of the upgrades with instructors overseeing the work, in addition to regular inspections to ensure compliance with building codes.

It appears that we have community support and County Commissioners’ support, and I’m sure the faculty at the college is up to the challenge. The only thing that remains is to get the Board of Trustees on board with this.

We are missing a wonderful opportunity for Casper College to utilize the community in the community college system. I hope the Board of Trustees recognizes this resource before they sell off this wonderful education opportunity and buying more land on a hill somewhere.


Mike Cheser


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