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Puppy Killing Bill

by Wyoming Livestock Roundup

With “fake news” and misinformation all the rage these days, it is hard to get the real news out in front of the public. One rumor or wrong statement on social media will kill you. 

Earlier this week, President Trump said in an interview on his immigration policy, “My messaging isn’t good.”

He awarded himself a grade of a “C” or “C-plus” on communicating. I agree that is a fair grade for him, but he also clarified that he would give himself an “A” for achievement and an “A-plus” for effort. I would also agree with that.

The facts is, in this day and age, we have to tell our story or manage it so the correct facts get out to the public.

What I’m getting at here, is last week, I was privileged to be on a Wyoming Stock Growers Association roundtable conference call with Congressman Liz Cheney. She first explained what she had been doing in her first 100 days representing Wyoming, and then it was opened up for questions or comments from the participants.

My question to Congressman Cheney was, “How fast is the bill to delist the wolf moving through Congress? The wolf is moving into new areas of Wyoming and killing livestock, and ranchers can’t do anything about it, nor can Wildlife Services, until there have been at least two documented kills.” 

Congressman Cheney’s response was that it should move through the U.S. House fairly rapidly, but they may have trouble in the U.S. Senate where a number of Senators can vote against delisting the wolf because the wolf is not an issue in their state. And the wolf advocates have labeled the bill, the “Puppy Killing Bill.” These Senators are getting calls not to vote for the bill, based on that moniker.

Congressman Cheney asked anyone having issues with the wolf to e-mail her office, either in Wyoming or in Washington, D.C., documenting what is going on with the wolf and your livestock. People with wolf problems should send the number of kills and the area of the state, including all the relevant informationabout the incident so she can use it in visiting with Senators from states without wolves to explaining our issues. Also, her staff wants information on how the Endangered Species Act is not working in regard to the wolf and the failure of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to do their jobs under the Act.

After the conference call, it was evident that Congressman Cheney has hit the ground running and, with her important committee appointments, is really working and fighting for Wyoming. She needs your help now.   

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